Monday, July 30, 2012

Possible Next Project...

But it may not be what it seems...

I've been looking for a kitchen island.  We need an island that's 10 ft long and 5 ft wide.  I saw this today and guess what, it's 9' 6" long and 5' 3" wide.  The best part, it's only $1,300 and an island the size we want will be about $3,500 - $4,000.  I'm in the process now of trying to find someone who could put a top on it.  Even with the top it should be way less than $3,000. 

See how flat it is on top?

I can picture this with a few pots and pans hanging off the front.  The front pulls up even with the rails on top (see last picture).

It's a gypsy wagon, circa 1920.

I know - crazy.  But if it's feasable we're going for it.  If not, the search goes on.


Jodi said...

Here, I'll just say it before anyone else does.


There, do you feel better? P.S., it would have to be put in the house through a window.

Kev said...

Dear "Jodi" commentator:
I completely disagree with you. I think it's unique and awesome! The best artists are the ones that people think may be "crazy." You go! I say get another wagon for the yard too.

Anonyvox said...

*cut and paste my comment about your grass rug here*

As I said, if anyone can pull it off, it's you.

jaci said...

You could take it apart to get it into the house, couldn't you? I say freakin' awesome idea!