Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coming Soon - Menopause Meltdown Road Trip 2008

Well, I've always believed that if done properly, armed robbery doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience. - Thelma and Louise

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So, Um, Say The World Was Gonna End... Maybe In 2012...

Adam came home from school the other day and said, "Mom, all the kids are talking about the world is going to end in 2012."

"HUH?" Where have I been? Got to looking it up on the Internet - I LOVE the Internet! and found that the ancient Mayans declared that the world would end on December 21st, 2012. So, I started thinking, what would I do if I KNEW the world was going to end in just 5 years? Here's my thoughts - and I'd love to hear yours - on your own blog or mine - whatever blows your hair back.

First - I'd find that property to build our family commune and take you all. I hope you'd all come willingly - I would want to have to use force. I wouldn't make any payments on it though - hopefully, it would take 5 years for them to evict us...

Then, I'd start digging a REALLY big hole for all of us to crawl into on December 20th, 2012. We'd be the only survivors.

I'd also find Claude Dallas. I'd tether him to the ground out in the middle of frickin' nowhere so that no one could find him. I think I'd do it in Canada so the grizzlies could kill him off while he's tethered and can't run.

I'd take all of you on all kinds of vacations - put it on the charge card and not pay for any of 'em.

I'd find a camel - and ride it.

I'd have parties for all my family and friends - every weekend! Put it all on my charge card - and not make any payments.

I'd have Ival quit work and Adam quit school.

I'd go to the ocean - and swim with the dolphins.

I'd ride the train to Vermont.

I'd buy pot - and smoke it...

I'd quit caring about my wrinkles.

I'd quit shaving my legs. HA! Big joke! I haven't shaved my legs in years! HEY - it's not that bad! Once you go through chemo and menopause - you're hair just doesn't grow back like it was.

I'd shave my head. Believe it or not - there's a sense of freedom there that you just can't explain.

Ok, I could go on and on - but what would YOU do?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Was Given Such An Incredible Gift...

on February 15, 1983. Such a beautiful baby - dark hair and the sweetest face. She was, and still is, my angel.

One of the proudest moments in my life was when Jacki graduated from high school and was given an award. No, it wasn't most popular, most likely to succeed, or prettiest (although isn't she gorgeous???) - it was Most Generous. Out of all the kids in her graduating class, Jacki received the award for being kind and most willing to help someone who needed her. What more could you ask for from a child you've raised?

I feel so lucky that as adults together, Jacki and I have so much fun. I truly love spending time with her. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is truly a happy person. Unfortunately, Jacki is her mother's daughter. I guess it was to be expected. She's the Queen of Nosey - just like me. We have to know what's going on anywhere within sight, at all times. We are not above sneaking, peeking through blinds, or "taking a drive" to spy on whoever or whatever seems interesting or in need of our "attention". While she is genuinely kind, she is not above laughing at another person's "boo boo." Oh my God, I think this is a HORRIBLE family trait - we all have it!!!!

Jacki has grown to be a devoted wife and mother. Her husband Tim and her two kids Allie, and new baby Kole are everything to her.
And she, is everything to me...