Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feeding Elk... Day 27/30

It wasn't often that I got to go with dad when he went to work. I remember him telling me many times, "It's too dangerous." I never really knew what he meant, I never thought of his job as dangerous. I suppose because the only stories I ever heard were funny things that would happen or his stories of all the times he helped to find lost horses, lost dogs, and lost hunters.

However, during the winter in Garden Valley, dad would often take me with him when he would drive out the South Fork of the Payette to feed or trap deer and elk. I remember what a hard job it was for him. Hauling 50 lb bags of pellets to the area they were feeding. I was always stunned at the hundreds and hundreds of animals and how close we could get to them when dad was carrying their food! It was a beautiful sight to see.

I'll always remember the sight of he and his friend Sterling Alley, jumping on those huge elk and wrestling them to the ground so they could tag them. What a stud you were dad!


Terry said...

I recall a field trip we took up the South Fork of the Payette to watch them collar the deer. It was probably one of the best field trips we had when I was in school.

Jodi said...

I had forgotten that Terry! I'm so glad you're jumping in on some of these to add to them! It's also nice to hear your thoughts!

Dee said...

Yes, thanks, Terry. I'm so glad you're reading these and enjoying them.

Steve did that too, and it made a huge impression on him also. He, too, can tell you it is hard work, slugging trough deep snow, packing that heavy feed. But it made a big difference to the animals.