Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stupid Criminals! Day 21/30

This is the final story I have from Steve...

I'll never forget the time in the late 60s where some brothers from Horseshoe Bend decided to poach some deer in Garden Valley. It was January, just after 2am when the bars closed. All three of them were drunk and drove up the South Fork of the Payette River to Danskin Creek.

They shot 6 deer and then backed up to the snowbank and dropped the tailgate where they loaded up 4 of the 6 deer they had killed.

The next morning, dad found the kill site and empty beer cans. He also found some evidence that was even better. When the brothers had backed the truck up to the snowbank, they hit it so hard that it left the imprint of their license plate right there in the snow! Dad drove right to Horseshoe Bend to their house and found all 4 deer hanging in the woodshed.

They asked how he found out so quick that they had poached the deer. As was so typical of dad, he never did tell them...

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Dee said...

That is such a great memory. I had forgotten that till Steve began the tale, and I knew immediately it was the license plate thing ! Of course Bill didn't tell them or they never again would have done the backing up to a snowbank bit to load up.