Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Finding Dimes...

Mom has been finding dimes for several years. Sometimes in places you'd expect, but often in the oddest places. I remember a few years ago, she had to have an MRI - her second. The first had ended in disaster - she got terribly claustrophobic and had to have them stop and take her out. She was terribly embarrassed. She finally decided her back was hurting so much that she scheduled a second one. She was afraid of not being able to complete it again.

She arrived at the clinic and put on her hospital gown, leaving her clothes in the dressing room. As she walked into the room for her MRI, she remembered she had glasses on. She stepped over to a ledge and laid her glasses down and proceeded with the MRI - and completed it even though she was scared. After it was over, she walked over to the ledge to retrieve her glasses and laying next to them - where nothing else had been before - was a dime.

Some Mediums claim that finding dimes is one way spirits or angels are trying to communicate with us. This next story of mom's sure makes me wonder...

Several months ago, mom mentioned to me that she had lost one of her favorite earrings - it was turquoise and matched a necklace she had bought. She looked everywhere for that earring - and if you know mom, you know she looked EVERYWHERE - the woman NEVER gives up! Mom's carpet is cream color so she even dropped the other earring on the carpet to see what the missing one would look like - still no luck.

Evidently, when Linda was here a few days ago, they were in mom's bedroom and mom told Linda about the missing earring. Then, she said out loud "OK, you can drop dimes, why don't you drop that earring I've been looking for!"

Mom told me this morning that yesterday, she walked into her bedroom closet - and there was the missing earring - laying in the middle of her closet floor.

Koinkydink? I think not. I truly believe mom has someone watching out for her. Your thoughts? Have any of you ever had an experience that kind of freaked you out? I know Sue and Sheri have had several - tell us about them!!!!