Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012, My Year in Review...

Every year I end my blog with my favorite posts of the year.  If you didn't read last year's - well, shame on you!

I started off my year with a post I wish I hadn't had to make.  My son had just returned home from Iraq.  It breaks my heart how our government treats our soldiers.

We listed our house again.

My wonderful, dear husband offered to take me on a date - to Chester's Chicken.  What a guy.

We sold our house!  Finally, we could build on Jacob Springs.

I posted the 25 Things you may not know about me.  Probably 25 things you never cared to know but now you do anyway.

My dear, sweet sister-in-law died after fighting for so long with cancer.  She was truly one-of-a-kind and we miss her terribly.

I took a minute to remember when Adam and his best friend Ben were young.  Now both in the military.  I think this was one of my favorite posts last year.

We started construction on the house at Jacob Springs!

I won a few bucks in Wendover to help pay for some things for the house!  I also won $5,000 on a lottery scratch ticket.

Nothing but problems with US Bank on building (or TRYING to) the house.  Just FYI, we've been trying to get the final appraisal for over 4 weeks now so that we can close on our loan.  Yes, we finished construction in early October - still no appraisal.  Everybody at this bank blames everybody else.  My opinion, I would NEVER recommend US Bank for a mortgage.  Losers!

Adam and Ben went to Costa Rica for graduation.

Another Elmer story.  They are, by far, my favorites.  He sure keeps life interesting!  and in the end, we had to call in the big equipment.

On June 15th, we started actual construction on the house.  What a ride it's been, but so incredibly worth it.

Days 19-36.

Day 43.

I'm pretty sure I saw a UFO.  It was definitely something I couldn't explain.

Day 65.

Linda, Jake and I took all the grandkids camping at Bruneau Dunes.  What a hoot.  It's definitely going to be an annual event, even if it's just here in the wall tent.

Day 83 at Jacob Springs and Adam was having fun.  I loved these pictures.

I wrote a letter to my son Jake before he left for Afghanistan.  I miss him so much.

Day 112 - almost there!

We branded the front door and had a party to thank everyone who helped make this home a reality.

We hosted the dessert portion of a progressive dinner for our friends, the Fanters.  What a wonderful night.

On 12/21/12 we had a big bonfire and waited for the Mother Ship.  Now THAT was fun!

It was a sad year - having Jake leave again.  It was a frustrating year with the bank.  It was a wonderful year watching as our home was built.

Thank you to all our friends and family for making our lives so enriched.  Tad, you built our dream home - and you're still our best friends despite me being on-site practically every day.  Mom, you are such a special person - what would our lives be like without you?  Adam, you keep me entertained every. single. day.  I'll miss you so much when you leave for boot camp.  Ival, we've made it 26 years.  How we've managed I know we both wonder sometimes - but we are so incredibly blessed with 3 wonderful kids and family and friends that anyone would be lucky to have.

Thank you all for sharing my life.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pioneer Woman's Cauliflower Soup...

Today was a good day for homemade soup and I knew I could count on PW to help me make something yummy.  I LOve, loVe, LovE cream-based soup - and I also love cauliflower/  If you want the recipe, here it is.

I could tell mine was going to be a bit too thin at the end, so I added a few more tablespoons of flour to a bit more 1/2 and 1/2.  Perfect.

Oh. my. gawd.  Best soup ever.
Thank you PW!

Finding Old Friends and Making New...

Tomorrow I'll write my annual "Year in Review" post and it started me thinking about some of the old and new friends I've found this year - thanks to Facebook. 

Last spring I got an email from a wonderful young man who was asking permission to restore an old Dodge Powerwagon as a tribute to dad and Conley Elms.

Missouri Chuck Larsen/Chev is a police officer in Missouri.  My dad's family was from Missouri.  He chose a Dodge Powerwagon.  My dad bought a Dodge Powerwagon in the 70s.  He has 2 sons, Jake and Adam. I have 2 sons, Jake and Adam.  Chev loves the Denver Broncos.  I love the Denver Broncos.  He goes to watch their spring training every year with his family.  Ok, I've never done that.  Chev and his wife Meg and the boys are planning to come to Idaho to visit us next summer.  I hope it happens, I feel like they're family now!

My dad's cousin Valyrie Gillespie also found me on Facebook.  She sent me several pictures of dad when he was little.  How fun is that!

Randy Lish, Vicki Haskins Campbell, and Lew Pollizi, all found me on Facebook and sent me wonderful stories or messages about dad.  

I've kept up with an old friend's wife who I've never met in person but I'd love to someday.  Rick Dewey was an old friend from high school that also found me on Facebook but died last year.  I still think of him often but love hearing what his wife Eileen is doing.  She's one of the most generous people on earth, I swear.  Here's a post I wrote about Rick.  I still think of him often and wish he were still here.

I got back in touch with Linda's best friend from high school, Nancy Berlin.  It's great to have her back as part of the family after losing touch for so long!

I also just found Steve Copple and his beautiful wife Susan on Facebook.  When we lived in grama's old house Steve and Susan were some of our best buddies.  Gosh that was a long time ago, but I can't wait to have them over and find out what's been happening in their lives over the last 20 years!

It's been a great year and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.  I am one lucky gal.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, 2012...

Today is Christmas.  I tend to spend the day thinking about my family and friends, hoping those not nearby are having a wonderful day and missing our son Jake.  Last night we held our annual "Turner Family Christmas."  We usually rent the clubhouse at Hidden Springs because the family has grown so big, but this year we were able to host it because our main room is as big as the clubhouse.  It was a wonderful evening.

My wonderful mothers

We had a fox released at Jacob Springs the day before Christmas...

and today, the deer were down close...

Merry Christmas to all

and to all, a good night! 

I hope your day, whatever you celebrate, was beautiful...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

12/21/12 - Waiting for the Mother Ship...

We had decided a few weeks ago that if the world was going to end on 12/21/12, we surely wanted to go out with friends and family.  So we decided to build a big-ass bonfire and have some people over.

About 5:30 Ival started the bonfire.

About 6:15 Nancy, Butch and Penny had arrived.

At 6:30, so did the Fire Department...

We had invited people to come over about 6:30 so I was inside finishing up some cookies I had taken out of the box made when my sister came strolling in and said, "You might want to come outside.  The Fire Department is here."

"Ahahahahahahaha! Right."

"No really.  The Fire Department is HERE!"

I started to rush outside - Ival was out back getting more firewood - then ran back to get my camera.  If they really were here - I wanted pictures!

I got outside just in time to see the firetruck pull off Cartwright, turn off their lights and sirens and pull down the driveway.  COOL!

They came over to the fire and said they had received "numerous" calls about a fire.  In fact, they had 6 trucks en route.  Get outta here!  HOLY CRAP THIS IS GETTING BETTER BY THE MINUTE!

They asked what we were doing and we proceeded to tell them we were "Waiting for the Mother Ship."  DUH!   

We talked for a while, they asked if we had a permit - they obviously don't know us.  We talked some more about waiting for the Mother Ship and they talked about how they wished they could stay.  They told us it is illegal to burn construction waste and were sure we wouldn't be putting any more of that on the fire. Right-0.

 Luckily, we had our shovel and hose right there.  I think they enjoyed the ride out as they said they were "bored anyway."

They really were nice and it only made the night a lot more interesting!  Then, just like Santa, they disappeared as quickly as they had come.

As it turned out, we had a wonderful night with family and friends.  Telling stories, laughing, and just enjoying the evening.

Ric and Cheryl, I'm soooo glad you guys came!  It was great to see you and Cheryl I miss that laugh of yours.  Ric, I need those picutes of the Mother Ship!

I'm told that the Mother Ship did pass by, several people got pictures, but again, I was inside at the time.
I'm assuming none of us below were "worthy" as no one at the fire was taken up.

However, I'm wondering if I didn't catch an alien life form here...

UPDATE:  Here are the pictures Ric took of the Mother Ship

What a fun night with some of the best people on the planet.  Since I wasn't taken up, today I get to watch the Broncos play in the bowl game with mom.  Life really is good.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Assault Rifles and the Children of Connecticut...

Last night I wrote a rather lengthy post about some phone calls we had received about getting an assault rifle before they couldn't be bought.  It was what I felt in my heart, but the calls came from people I love and I didn't want to hurt them so I removed it.

Yes, I still believe that assault rifles are horrible, there is no need for them except to be owned by police and the military.  I will never feel any different.

Yes, I'm still extremely sorry that the parents of these children have to watch the news and know that people are going out and hoarding the very guns that killed their wonderful kids.  Yes, I'm still extremely sad.

Thanks to all of you who sent me messages asking why I removed the post and telling me that you thought it was well written.

And yes, I'm still VERY sorry...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

When we purchased Jacob Springs several years ago I started looking for a horse - ok, horses - and discovered the site Rescue Me! I signed up to receive alerts on Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, farm animals and horses.

I hope to find an older horse that would be good with the grandkids.  But for me, I'd take a younger horse and be willing to work with it, although I have to admit it would be nice to bring a horse home and just take off on one of the trails nearby.  Maybe I'll get lucky.

So, for now I think about renting a tractor, getting the pasture put in, and getting fencing up.  Spring, I'm ready for you!

This is Amy.  She's a beautiful girl who lives near Las Vegas.  Her description sounds wonderful.  I wish I had pasture...

and Taz.  He lives in Nevada too.  He's an old boy who can't carry riders over 80 lbs. and sounds like he'd be perfect for the grandkids to ride around the property.

I hope that soon I can find the horses that will work for us.  I can't wait to ride again...