Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Nice Letter About Dad... Day 26/30

Dad left little bits of himself in many places through his cartoons, artwork and his presence. If you click on the letter you can actually read it.


jaci said...

Jodi -
I don't mind that you post 3 or 4 posts a day to keep up your promise. Your stories touch my heart. I didn't really know your dad (I mean, I was a very little girl in Winnemucca) but he has come to life in a huge way through these posts. He was truly "bigger than life" and a "man's man".
Love -

Jodi said...

So glad you're enjoying them Jaci. I think it's been enlightening for all of us. I know I've learned some things!

Dee said...

I too have enjoyed these postings, some from the older kids who remember our family stories.

Thank you, Jodi for doing this. It has been good for all of us and is a genuine tribute to Bill and his colorful life.