Friday, January 28, 2011

Boise Police Citizens Academy...

I'm signing up for the next Boise Police Citizens Academy. I can't wait!

Anyone who knows me knows that my dream job would have been to be a detective. I love spying on people (not that I do that), I love learning anything about law enforcement, and well, I'm nosey.

The class is every Wednesday night from 6:30-9:30 all of March, April, and May. Wow, that's a long time. We'll learn about Dispatch, pursuits, take gun training, drive on the driving range - AND - best of all, 2 nights of Crime Scene Investigation. GET OUTTA' HERE! I would LOVE to be a crime scene investigator! Yes I would.

What will I do with all this inforamation I learn? Probably not a damn thing. But if Hidden Springs ever decides to hire a Sheriff - I'm applying.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holy Crap, I'm Screwed...

See these wonderful cargo pants? I ordered them from Molecule and they come from Taiwan. Cute huh!

And because I'm thin, all the pockets actually look pretty good on me and don't make me look too heavy in the hips.

I ordered the small size because I wear a size 4 jean (although I admit I've started buying the stretchy jeans) and the mediums have a 2 inch bigger waist than the small. Big mistake. You see, about a year and a half ago, I started getting belly fat. There's nothing uglier than belly fat, don't you think?

Well, the pants are adorable and I love them. However, I have to lay down to button them and then all the muffin top is hanging out. I don't even have room to "tuck" the muffin top into the pants.

This sucks. I have a muffin top and belly fat. Are they the same thing?

I DON'T KNOW!! I've never had to deal with this before!

I have 10 days to decide whether to send them back and get the mediums, or exercise like hell, stop eating cookies, cakes and chips and try to get rid of the belly fat.

I got online yesterday and found some good exercises and yoga to start doing. I'm sore already but think that not only will I look and feel better, but I think these exercises will also help strengthen my back so I don't end up miserable so often. Maybe I need a "wii fit"...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Game Warden's Gal...

If you need a good laugh, you really should spend some time with my friend Casey on her blog All I'm Saying. She's been sharing her life as a post-Jehovah's-Witness and her courtship with her now, Game Warden husband.

The last post was so typical of life with a Conservation Officer. I think you'll enjoy her as much as I do.

Go! Read it!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Girls Weekend...

The girls all came to visit last week. We played Apples to Apples, had coffee every morning and spent some fun time together. It was so nice to have them all "home."

We had dinner at our house for everyone on Saturday...

Jacki's newest baby, Hannah...

and our "other" family member, Cheri Elms.

Near the end of the evening, Miss Koby decided to sneak into Lisa's purse and apply some eye makeup. What a goof!

It was a great weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Pictures on My Camera...

We have a bunch of wild turkeys just down the road that everyone up here enjoys watching. I see them almost every day, but today, I luckily had my camera with me when I saw the toms strutting for the first time this year. They were chasing the hens all around but the hens just weren't interested...

And, a few more pictures of the Hidden Springs chickens. I have no idea why I love chickens.

On To Better Things...

Things didn't work out the way I had hoped yesterday with my phone conversation. I was still left with questions unanswered that I had hoped to put to rest. So, on to better things!

With the weather warming up here (although I know it's temporary), it's been all but impossible not to spend just about every available moment looking for the best option for housing for our property. We want to be prepared so that when our house sells, we can get right on putting power, water, and a home of some sort on it so we can get moved!

My dream will be to take the plans for the little red barn here at Hidden Springs and turning it into a home. Luckily, Ival's brother is a wonderful draftsman and is going to take the plans and give us something I think will be wonderful! I love the look of the outside, I love the wraparound porch, and it just seems as though it would be the perfect fit for our little ranch. Don't you think so!

I had to throw in a picture of the Hidden Springs chickens that live free-range next to the barn. They all came running up to me while I was taking pictures, they thought I was there with food.

However, we looking at other options as well in case this turns out to be more expensive than we can afford. I've been looking at manufactured houses (not my first choice) and steel buildings with a barn in one side and small house in the other.

Ival spends time almost every night on the property. What he does there, I'm not sure, but I think he just spends time looking at where he wants to put pastures, corrals, and the house - dreaming of getting up there permanently.

I still can't believe that (hopefully!) very soon, we'll be living our dreams. Life is so darned good!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, Isn't Life Interesting...

I haven't had much to talk about since finishing the 30 days posts. Life has been good. Had my 2 sisters, nieces and great niece here here for a few days. It's always so nice to have them here. I miss not having my family close.

Something interesting happened tonight though. A friend here in Hidden Springs called and said she had something she wanted to talk to me about and said she would stop by.

First, I guess I need to mention that I'm notified when anything new about Claude Dallas comes up on the Internet. When he was released from prison and I found out he was living in Emmett, I had a panic attack. The thought of running into him, or even seeing him at a distance across a parking lot, terrified me. Not because I was "afraid" of him, but because it would be too much to "see" the man who killed dad. It was hard enough to see him in court, I can't imagine seeing him on the street.

So, about a year ago I was notified of a thread where a bunch of armchair quarterbacks were writing things that I knew weren't true, and many of them claimed to know Claude. One even said he sat at a bar with him in 2005. Funny, Claude was still in prison then.

So, back to my friend. She owns an on-line auction business that helps non-profits raise money and is one of the first names that pop up when you Google Hidden Springs. She received a call from one of the people who is a more frequent poster on this thread. While I certainly don't agree with some of the things he's said, he seems to be mostly diplomatic and not out to slander dad. It turns out that he called my friend and asked her if she knew me. They talked for a while and he gave her his phone number and asked me to call him.

I have his phone number here in front of me. Will I call him? Probably. He says he knows Claude well and has taken him out on his boat in Florida. While I'm not sure what he wants to talk about, I may have a few questions that I'd like to ask him.

I left him a message on the thread to leave a comment on my blog with his email. I think I'd feel safer starting out with an email. So, Sam Ward, if you'd like to talk to me, leave your email and I'll delete your comment once I have your information so that it's not public if you'd like.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Final Post, 30 Years... Day 30/30

It's been difficult to decide what to do for this last post. I don't want it to be sad as this was such a wonderful project to take on.

I hope it has given family and friends a better idea of who Bill Pogue was, both in his professional and family lives. I hope in some small way, these stories have made an impact on you. I hope, as well, it has helped you understand the dangers that Game Wardens face each and every day while making very little pay, and better understand WHY they would face such dangers and do it with dedication seen in very few professions. Game Wardens are a unique breed and I'm so proud and happy that our family has been a part of such a wonderful group of people.

Dad had so many sides to him that we will never forget. He was probably no better or no worse than most people on this huge planet, but he provided us with many, many wonderful memories...

I hope that now our children and grandchildren will understand and know in some small way, the wonderful man they should have had the chance to love.

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful opportunity we had to remember the good times, laugh about the funny things, and most of all share dad's life.

Today, January 5th, we will get together with Cheri Elms, as we do every year to remember dad and Conley. We miss you dad, but thanks for the wonderful memories...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thanks for the Memories... Day 29/30

Posted by Jacob Whittaker on his Facebook page...

‎"Idaho is what other states would like to be." -Artist, conservationalist and a dearly missed grandfather, Bill Pogue

The Premonition and Dangers... Day 28/30

About 3 weeks before dad died, he headed up Highway 21 to his patrol area. As he did many, many times, he stopped in at the Hilltop Cafe to have coffee with his friend Ray who owned the store.

This time however, would be different, although it wouldn't be known until several weeks later.

Dad and Ray were talking and dad mentioned to him that he had a feeling he was going to die near Atlanta. Atlanta is a very small town out the Middle Fork of the Boise River with only a few locals living there year round. Two of those year round residents were the Inama brothers. They were well known to dad for some of their illegal activities. Dad told Ray that he thought the Inama brothers would kill him, but, he said, "I'd rather die in the Owyhees."

Ray would pass this information on to the family not long after dad's death. Was it a premonition? I can only believe it was. I know dad didn't want to die and had no intentions of doing so. He had a brand new grandson that he loved very much. Whatever it was, it's something I'll never forget.

I've taken some time to list below, some of the unique dangers that Game Warden face...

Game Warden territories and patrol areas come with unique hazards that most law enforcement counter parts do not face.

Most citizen contacts and suspects are armed with weapons.
Numerous firearms - inspect and seize more guns than any other agency
Work alone - no partners
Uncontrolled environments with little or no backup
Routine dead zones in radio dispatch and cell-phone service
Long hours and night patrol when criminals are most active in the field
Traverse uneven ground on foot through mud, water, rocks, mountains, desert sands, cliffs, heavy vegetation
Difficulty in pinpointing location for backup (rural roads, no sign, no markers)
Criminals proficient with rifles and shotguns
Routine work outdoors in adverse weather conditions
Domestic and wild animal bites, clawing, scratching and exposure to zoonotic diseases
Only law enforcement for miles in some areas
Heavy exposure to mosquitoes and West Nile Virus
Discover and recover many disguised and concealed weapons
Use of specialized vehicles and boats, associated hazards
Multi-crime incidents
Special risks as a community based peace officer

As visible members of their communities patrolling out of their home bases, Game Wardens have additional unique hazards.

Wardens are singled out within communities - suspects, defendants, violators tend to make an effort to know where the local Warden and their family’s residence is located. Sometimes criminals seek out, find, and contact Wardens at their personal residences.

Difficult to be anonymous, some Wardens are the only representative officer for entire counties

Wardens maintain “resident posts” that unfortunately leads to the public tending to knock on Wardens home door for various reasons any hour of the day or night. Wardens tend to get “caught” on days off answering questions or other duties, usually not claiming work hours - sometimes at post office, gas station, grocery store, restaurants, etc.

Wardens are a large part of the community identified as public officials held to high standards 24/7

Other factors that make Game Warden work dangerous

Even though the majority of crimes committed by poachers are misdemeanors, Fish and Game laws are some of the most dangerous laws to enforce. Some poachers are willing to kill to continue their pursuit of killing wildlife that violates only misdemeanor laws. The illicit trade in selling wildlife parts in “black markets” is second only to the illegal drug trade, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in the unlawful sale of wild animal parts.

This has led to two additional disturbing statistics:

Statistics show Game Wardens at much higher risk to be assaulted or killed in the line of duty more often than officers of other agencies

Of all law enforcement agents, Wardens are most likely to be assaulted during their careers

Wardens patrol behind locked gates on large land holdings where there is a restriction on the access for EMS help or backup from other agencies that don’t have the same access, yet those areas must be patrolled to protect wildlife. Wardens patrol county, state, federal, and private lands.

Wardens routinely trail and subdue dangerous and wounded bears and lions. These animals may be depredation animals wounded but not killed by the permit holder or public safety animals where humans have altered the animal’s natural behavior, creating an unsafe situation that requires a final response from Game Wardens. This is a very stressful endeavor that has deadly results to the animal and sometimes humans. It has become a tragic situation that has just in the last few decades somehow become a “political” topic putting Wardens at undue risk. It is a tragic story that when a Warden that has dedicated his or her life to protect wildlife, must kill an animal that they were sworn to protect. As soon as they do what is required, they are subjected to hypocritical comments from people or the news media which blasts the Warden for “killing” the animal, not recognizing the fact the Warden has no choice because public safety dictates the action be taken. There have been too many incidents of extremists threatening to kill a named Game Warden for being the officer that killed or authorized the killing of a bear or lion.

It is very difficult to quantify in words that emotional feeling a Warden must endure to perform that duty the public expects him or her to perform.

Feeding Elk... Day 27/30

It wasn't often that I got to go with dad when he went to work. I remember him telling me many times, "It's too dangerous." I never really knew what he meant, I never thought of his job as dangerous. I suppose because the only stories I ever heard were funny things that would happen or his stories of all the times he helped to find lost horses, lost dogs, and lost hunters.

However, during the winter in Garden Valley, dad would often take me with him when he would drive out the South Fork of the Payette to feed or trap deer and elk. I remember what a hard job it was for him. Hauling 50 lb bags of pellets to the area they were feeding. I was always stunned at the hundreds and hundreds of animals and how close we could get to them when dad was carrying their food! It was a beautiful sight to see.

I'll always remember the sight of he and his friend Sterling Alley, jumping on those huge elk and wrestling them to the ground so they could tag them. What a stud you were dad!

A Nice Letter About Dad... Day 26/30

Dad left little bits of himself in many places through his cartoons, artwork and his presence. If you click on the letter you can actually read it.