Thursday, January 20, 2011

On To Better Things...

Things didn't work out the way I had hoped yesterday with my phone conversation. I was still left with questions unanswered that I had hoped to put to rest. So, on to better things!

With the weather warming up here (although I know it's temporary), it's been all but impossible not to spend just about every available moment looking for the best option for housing for our property. We want to be prepared so that when our house sells, we can get right on putting power, water, and a home of some sort on it so we can get moved!

My dream will be to take the plans for the little red barn here at Hidden Springs and turning it into a home. Luckily, Ival's brother is a wonderful draftsman and is going to take the plans and give us something I think will be wonderful! I love the look of the outside, I love the wraparound porch, and it just seems as though it would be the perfect fit for our little ranch. Don't you think so!

I had to throw in a picture of the Hidden Springs chickens that live free-range next to the barn. They all came running up to me while I was taking pictures, they thought I was there with food.

However, we looking at other options as well in case this turns out to be more expensive than we can afford. I've been looking at manufactured houses (not my first choice) and steel buildings with a barn in one side and small house in the other.

Ival spends time almost every night on the property. What he does there, I'm not sure, but I think he just spends time looking at where he wants to put pastures, corrals, and the house - dreaming of getting up there permanently.

I still can't believe that (hopefully!) very soon, we'll be living our dreams. Life is so darned good!


Dee said...

Your pictures of the barn look so inviting. Would you paint it red? Thou I guess we did talk about that and red does fade . I love the plans you showed the other day. That is a wonderful house and plan !

kate said...

We all love the barn!! Look out, your house will be the new site of every Pogue/Turner wedding/party/gathering!

So happy for you sis!

Jodi said...

I know it wouldn't look as good if it weren't red, and maybe the wraparound porch would protect the color. I'll have to ask Colton in the office how often they have to paint it. I've never seen them paint it since we've lived here - over 8 years.