Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Post of 2013 and Some Pictures From My Camera...

2013 is almost over.  All in all, it's been a great year.  Adam enlisted and completed basic training for the National Guard and he still has his wonderful girlfriend Lorry.  We love her.

Jake got home from Afghanistan and what a relief that is!  It's so comforting to know that he's home with his family where he belongs.  They are so happy to have him back.

Jacki is happy and healthy along with her wonderful husband Tim and their 4 beautiful kids.  I feel so blessed to have 7 of the most wonderful grandkids in the world and 1 more on the way.  I also consider Lisa's kids to be like my own grandkids so we can actually add 2 more!

Our first full year in our house was wonderful.  Even though it's ccccccold outside, Ival spends every night out doing things even when it's dark.  We got one side of the pasture fenced thanks to help from some of our wonderful friends.  The best surprise of all was when our friend Rob brought his 2 horses to stay here when he doesn't need them and we bought Moose, the first horse Grace ever rode.  I can't believe the peace and calm I feel when I look out the front window and see those horses out there.  I was able to quit taking my anti-depressants about a month ago and I feel like the horses were a big contributor to that.

The chickens continue to lay well, giving us 7 eggs a day usually.  I think adding the heat lamp for the winter has helped.  We've been able to share eggs with our friends which, although simple, seems to make us all happy.  It's always nice to be able to share our bounty and we look forward to doing the same with the huge garden we plan this next spring.

The only thing that has really dampened my life is being without a vehicle.  At first I told myself I would pretend I was a pioneer.  That lasted a couple of months but I've been without transportation since June and I must admit I'm getting rather tired of it.  Ival called me from work last week and asked me to pick something up for him.  I asked him which horse I should ride to go get it...

It's been a while since I took the pictures off my camera, so here are a few...


3 very important women in my life...

 A flicker stopped by and found some grubs in the porch, poor thing was evidently hungry!

This icicle formed on a spider web!  It was so cool.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2014 and  I look forward to seeing you all!

Monday, December 9, 2013


I took Grace horseback riding in Garden Valley for her birthday.  She (and all my grandkids) love horses.  As we drove to Garden Valley, Grace reminded me of the horse she had ridden the year before and hoped she would be riding him again on this trip.  Unfortunately, she had a different horse and Moose was back in the pasture.

Mary Jo, the owner of Garden Valley Trail Rides told us that Moose would soon be retiring as he was getting too old for the daily, long, rides that a commercial trail ride horse is used to.  I told her we might be interested in purchasing him if that happened.

So, a few days ago Mary Jo posted on Facebook that Moose was for sale.  I got ahold of her and we discussed some details.  I think Moose is going to come and live with us and be a great horse for all the grandkids!  He's the brown one...

We have to get a shelter built and have asked Mary Jo if she can keep him until that happens.  If so, it looks like Moose will be ours!  I think our friend Rob is going to let us keep his two horses here as well so we may end up with 3 great horses for the kids (and me!) to ride.  I'm really looking forward to knowing that the grandkids will soon be able to experience the love and enjoyment of having horses like I did.

Now I have to start watching Craigslist for tack!

A Christmas Story...

Well, first I have to say that I'm a pathetic loser.  I only made it to day 4 of being thankful posts during November.  I should know better than to attempt something like that but hey, it was worth a try.  Not that I didn't have a months worth of things to be grateful for, just didn't have the time to post them.

Now, I have a nice story to tell you about a woman that I admire daily, love with everything I have, and hope to someday be more like her.  She's my mom.

A few days ago she took me to finish my Christmas shopping.  YES, I'M FINISHED!  We went to have lunch and were sitting at our booth vising when 3 men took the booth next to us.  We ended up kind of eavesdropping (can you believe I'd do such a thing?!) and heard one of the guys talking about making beds.

He was talking about how a friend had made a bed out of scrap lumber and listed it free on Craigslist to someone who "needed" it.  The response was so large that he and some friends got together and started making beds for people in the area who need them.

I suppose if you had watched us, it was obvious that we were eavesdropping.  We were quiet and our eyes darted around to see if anyone was watching us.  When we finished with our lunch, mom stood up and walked over to their table with the cash she had in her purse.

She handed him the money and said she wanted to help.  I wasn't surprised.  This is so much my mother.  She is an exceptional human, so giving, so willing to help.  I am so lucky to be able to call her my mom.

I hope someday I'll be able to do the same things.  Mom, you're an inspiration to your kids and we love and admire the wonderful woman you are.