Monday, December 9, 2013

A Christmas Story...

Well, first I have to say that I'm a pathetic loser.  I only made it to day 4 of being thankful posts during November.  I should know better than to attempt something like that but hey, it was worth a try.  Not that I didn't have a months worth of things to be grateful for, just didn't have the time to post them.

Now, I have a nice story to tell you about a woman that I admire daily, love with everything I have, and hope to someday be more like her.  She's my mom.

A few days ago she took me to finish my Christmas shopping.  YES, I'M FINISHED!  We went to have lunch and were sitting at our booth vising when 3 men took the booth next to us.  We ended up kind of eavesdropping (can you believe I'd do such a thing?!) and heard one of the guys talking about making beds.

He was talking about how a friend had made a bed out of scrap lumber and listed it free on Craigslist to someone who "needed" it.  The response was so large that he and some friends got together and started making beds for people in the area who need them.

I suppose if you had watched us, it was obvious that we were eavesdropping.  We were quiet and our eyes darted around to see if anyone was watching us.  When we finished with our lunch, mom stood up and walked over to their table with the cash she had in her purse.

She handed him the money and said she wanted to help.  I wasn't surprised.  This is so much my mother.  She is an exceptional human, so giving, so willing to help.  I am so lucky to be able to call her my mom.

I hope someday I'll be able to do the same things.  Mom, you're an inspiration to your kids and we love and admire the wonderful woman you are.


Dee said...

Thank you, Jodi, thank you for your kind words and sweet thoughts.

It was pretty funny sitting there actually eavesdropping, neither of us do that. But I wished at the time I had $1000 in my purse, but most certainly didn't. It was so nice to see the surprise in their eyes and to help in a small way.

It gives me such a good feeling to help someone it actually makes me feel guilty. I wish I were a millionaire---how much fun would that be !!!!

kate said...

Awww. Our mudder really is the best. So generous, so thoughtful and so kind.