Monday, November 4, 2013

30 Days of Thanks - Day 4...

Today, I'm grateful for those rare occasions where I find that I can keep my mouth shut and not say something that will get me into trouble or be hurtful to someone.  I don't try to be that way, but when common sense is thrown by the wayside, I find it so difficult to keep my thoughts to myself.  It's  been a life-long struggle but by golly, it does occasionally happen.  Good for me!


Dee said...

I'm proud of you ! It would do no good -----I'm the same way, but my problem is, I've held it all back all my life, so now I think because I'm as old as dirt, I can say anything I darn well please. ----but I try not to. Help me !

Crooked Tale said...

Aunt Jodi, you'll appreciate this quote from a book I read.

"I don't get nearly enough credit for things I manage not to say."

How I Live My Life Now
-Meg Rosoff

MAN O MAN can I relate to that!!!! :)

Love you - Kel