Saturday, November 2, 2013

30 Days of Thanks, Day 2...

I know, this is silly, but I'm thankful that I live where I never (rarely) hear sirens.  Being raised in Garden Valley I never heard them.  I remember staying with my grandma in Boise when I was a kid and hearing sirens at night.  It terrified me because I knew that something bad was happening to someone.  When we moved to Hidden Springs I realized that the sirens were rare and usually meant a fire in the foothills.  I realized a few years ago that when folks would ask me what I like about living up here my first answer was always that you never hear sirens.

I must have been traumatized somewhere along the line as a child by a siren!  Our house now is so airtight that even when one does come along now, I don't hear it!

You may remember this...

We had decided a few weeks ago that if the world was going to end on 12/21/12, we surely wanted to go out with friends and family.  So we decided to build a big-ass bonfire and have some people over.

About 5:30 Ival started the bonfire.

About 6:15 Nancy, Butch and Penny had arrived.

At 6:30, so did the Fire Department...

We had invited people to come over about 6:30 so I was inside finishing up some cookies I had taken out of the box made when my sister came strolling in and said, "You might want to come outside.  The Fire Department is here."

"Ahahahahahahaha! Right."

"No really.  The Fire Department is HERE!"

I started to rush outside - Ival was out back getting more firewood - then ran back to get my camera.  If they really were here - I wanted pictures!

I got outside just in time to see the firetruck pull off Cartwright, turn off their lights and sirens and pull down the driveway.  COOL!

They came over to the fire and said they had received "numerous" calls about a fire.  In fact, they had 6 trucks en route.  Get outta here!  HOLY CRAP THIS IS GETTING BETTER BY THE MINUTE!

They asked what we were doing and we proceeded to tell them we were "Waiting for the Mother Ship."  DUH!   

We talked for a while, they asked if we had a permit - they obviously don't know us.  We talked some more about waiting for the Mother Ship and they talked about how they wished they could stay.  They told us it is illegal to burn construction waste and were sure we wouldn't be putting any more of that on the fire. Right-0.

 Luckily, we had our shovel and hose right there.  I think they enjoyed the ride out as they said they were "bored anyway."

They really were nice and it only made the night a lot more interesting!  Then, just like Santa, they disappeared as quickly as they had come.

As it turned out, we had a wonderful night with family and friends.  Telling stories, laughing, and just enjoying the evening.

Ric and Cheryl, I'm soooo glad you guys came!  It was great to see you and Cheryl I miss that laugh of yours.  Ric, I need those picutes of the Mother Ship!

I'm told that the Mother Ship did pass by, several people got pictures, but again, I was inside at the time.
I'm assuming none of us below were "worthy" as no one at the fire was taken up.

However, I'm wondering if I didn't catch an alien life form here...

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Dee said...

I am still mad that I missed the whole fire engine thing by just minutes.
The rest of the evening was great fun and bonfire required----it was watched carefully.