Sunday, April 29, 2012

Plastic Dip

I've been looking for flatware with colored handles.  I was looking online today and found a product called Plastic Dip.  I'm now thinking I may make my own!   Plastic Dip was originally used to coat the handles of tools.  I like this idea better.  You can buy it at Home Depot.  Some people suggest "re-purposing" flatware from a thrift store.  Somehow, I don't think so...

So I may take my old flatware, or buy new and make these.  I may make a set of glasses to go with them!

I guess you can actually Plastic Dip just about anything.  Look what someone did with this stuff.

I have a pair of eye glasses that have metal frames.  I hate metal frames.  Maybe I'll dip 'em!  I'm thinking I may Plastic Dip the grandkids.  They're all growing up way too fast.

So what would YOU Plastic Dip?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh Lucky Day...

Last Wednesday I left to head to Wendover, Nv with mom and some of her Bunco friends and an old friend from high school and her mother.  Now to most people, flying in to Wendover looks like an absolute hell hole.  I, however, was fascinated.

The plane landed on a tiny airstrip and toward what was an old WW II building.  As we taxied down the runway toward the building, we passed old bunkers that had evidently held ammunition and supplies.  Dotted all throughout the desert on the outskirts of town were old wooden buildings, most with their windows missing, but they obviously held many stories. 

As we taxied to where we would deplane, I thought to myself how I wished we had a car.  I would have loved to have taken some time to drive around town and been able to look at some of those wonderful old buildings and take a bunch of pictures.  I was enthralled.

But, instead we headed to the casino where we would be staying.  It was beautiful and obviously the nicest of the three in town.  We had to wait an hour before our luggage would arrive at the casino and before we could check into our room so I found a machine and sat down to play after depositing my $10.  One of our group was sitting at the machine next to me so we started chatting while I hit the "repeat play" button.  I turned toward my machine and it was in some kind of bonus mode.  It took several minutes for it to finish and I looked down to see how much I had won.

I looked at the machine then asked my friend.  "Does that say - $52?" 

She looked at the machine.  "Noooooooo." 

"Holy shit.  Did I just win $500?"

"Nooooooo.  You just won $519."

"Oh crap."

Yep.  Twenty minutes after arriving I had won over $500.  The rest of the night I couldn't lose.  I ended up stashing $600 that I promised myself I would take home.  The next day, not so good.  We went to the other casinos and I never won again.

So, the next morning we had to be on the bus back to the plane at 9:45.  At 8:20 I sat down at a machine near the door so I wouldn't miss the bus.  I only had a $50 bill and stuck it in, deciding that if I got down to $25 I would quit.

I started hitting the "repeat play" button after choosing how much I wanted to bet on each spin.  I started winning again!  I looked down and realized I was betting $1.50 each spin instead of my usual .80 but it was working.  I got into lots of bonus rounds and ended up walking away with over $300 from that machine.

So, I came home with $900 and 4 lottery tickets I had bought to scratch on the way down.  I knew I had won $48 ($40 of which was on a $10 ticket - I never spend $10 on a lottery ticket). 

This morning I remembered they were in my purse and took them in to cash them.  Turned out my $40 winner was actually a $100 winner so I walked out of there with $116.  Damn!

It was a fun trip and I had such a good time.  I do love penny slots!  Thanks for inviting me mom!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Citrus Sectionals...

I'm not entirely sure why, but when I saw this sectional, I fell in love with the style and color.  Citrus.  Who'd have thought it.

I like this one too...

and this one...

I'm pretty darned sure I'd have room for all three in the new living room.  Well, at least 2 of them. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh Frig...

I know that once you "grow up" and get older that body parts will occasionally shift and settle.  That's ok, it's part of getting older.  However, I wasn't at all prepared for what I discovered today.

You see, my feet have been hurting so bad lately.  I know it's partly from neuropathy but it's gotten so bad that I'm miserable at work and dread going because by 10am they hurt so bad I just want to go home.  So, today Adam was at the Army recuiter's office and I decided to run a few doors down to the shoe store to see if I could find something more comfortable for work.

I found several pair I liked and tried them all on in my usual size 7 or 7 1/2.  Every single one was just as miserable as every pair I own.  I was about to leave the store when I thought, "hmmmmm, maybe I'll try a 1/2 a size bigger and see what happens."

Damn if they weren't more comfortable.  I'm just sick - I guess I now wear a size 8 freakin' shoe.  SIZE 8!!!!

Juuuuuuuuuuuust great.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Picking Out a Front Door...

Ival has a friend who owns Reclaimed Lumber Products.  He takes lumber from old barns and buildings and makes the most beautiful flooring, cabinets, doors and furniture.  We had originally thought of using his flooring throughout the house, but once we REALLY thought about the practicality of it, we decided otherwise.  The soil on Jacob Springs is very sandy and loose and with 7 grandkids, 2 dogs, and all the traffic we'll have in and out, it just wasn't practical. 

So, we're going out tonight to pick out the wood and style for our front door.  Titus suggested we use 2 doors for our front but for energy efficiency (our builder is LEED certified) we've decided to go with 1 BIG door instead.  I can't wait to see what he has!

We have 2 dining room tables that have been in our families for many years, but if I can talk Elmer into it, I'm going to order one of these.  I REALLY want a beautiful 10 ft. farm table and love the wood on this one...

One thing I appreciate about Titus' work is that he gives you the history of the wood he uses in your product - where it came from, the age, what the building was used for.  I love beautiful old wood.