Monday, June 24, 2013

Name Change and Deer Everywhere...

It was suggested that I change the name of my blog to Jacob Springs instead of Hidden Springs, so, I did!

We've had lots of does coming down to give birth.  I went out Saturday evening after seeing 4 does up the draw.  I snuck around past the barn, tip-toeing, being ever so quiet and stood near our back property line trying to get a picture (with my new camera!).

I stood and took several and noticed the does were all moving my way.  As I stood there they all walked with about 30 feet of me, not a care in the world.  I talked softly to them, telling them out pretty they were and they moved up the hill and over.  How lucky for me!

                                            The picture below show this does big belly.


I stepped out on the front porch last night as dusk and watched a doe eating in the front pasture about 50 feet from the front porch.  I sat in the chair and watched until it got too dark to see her.  Oh how I love (my new camera!) and Jacob Springs...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well Water, Fawns, and Fires...

For over a month now, we've been having a terrible time with our well.  We have days where our water looks like chocolate milk and others where it's just full of very fine silt.  We haven't drank out of the faucet since it started and go through about 3 filters on our system every week.  We replaced the filter on the refrigerator about 2 weeks ago and after a week, needed a replacement.  It's costing us over $100 a week for filters.

The water jug is purchased water, the middle is ours on a "good" day, and the right is what it looks like on a bad day.  YUCK!

Our well driller came up and looked and said he'd never seen anything like it.  Leave it to the Turner's!  He said to let the outside faucets run for days if needed and that should clear it up, so, that's what we're doing.

On a happier note, when we bought this property, Robert, who stops in the Merc every morning for coffee, told us that the draw behind our house is where the does have their fawns every spring.  Robert and his family grew up in this valley.  He's full of interesting history, he went to the little school that used to be up here, and knows every inch of this place.

A couple of weeks ago we noticed a couple of does hanging around out back.  They both looked pregnant but I thought is was too late for babies.  The day before my birthday, we had 4 does and 5 babies!  What a great birthday present!

If I had a better camera I could have gotten the cutest pictures!  The fawns were adorable!

In other news, I was watching tv about 6 this morning and heard a siren.  We never hear sirens up here, it's one thing I love about this place.  I muted the tv and realized it really was a siren!  A fire truck screamed by and I looked down the valley and saw smoke.  I jumped in the truck to see where it was so I would know if I needed to turn on the fire sprinklers.  It was about 1/2 mile from the house on the opposite side of the road and there were already 4 engines there and I saw at least 4 more on the way.  Luckily it started where the cows had grazed through and there was no tall grass.  One of the ladder trucks broke down at our driveway.

It's a beautiful day today, supposed to be near 90 and tomorrow, windy, thunderstorms and 67!  Since they say windy, I may as well just run out and tip over all the chairs on the porch, throw some out into the yard, and scatter some paper in the pastures.  We live in "tornado alley" and when it's windy, it just howls through the valley up the draw past our house.  

I hope "y'all" are having a great day.  ;)