Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The William Pogue Recreational Trail... Day 18/30

Several years after dad died, mom received a letter from the Forest Service telling her that they were going to name a trail up the Middle Fork of the Boise River after dad. That had been dad's patrol area for several years and an area that he loved.

The family made the trip up for the dedication, many miles of the roughest road I've ever been on - and it remains so to this day!

Over the years, I haven't gone up nearly as often as I'd like but I have been up there twice. Both times, I saw the most beautiful blond bears. I suppose that's why I haven't been up more, I'm terrified of bears!

I hope someday to take the kids and grandkids as they've never been up to see the trail. What a wonderful and beautiful tribute to dad. He would have been so proud.

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kate said...

I so wish it were easier to get to. But then it wouldn't be so special, I suppose...