Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dad's Slides, Disk 3...

Most of these are from our years in Garden Valley.

Steve taking me for a ride - Winnemucca

Crater Lake vacation - Oregon

Our house in Garden Valley, from the top of the mountain that dad and Steve walked countless times.  Our tv antenna was up there and when we lost reception, one of them had to walk up that mountain to fix it!

Ohhhhhh dear... 



Grampa Pogue

Grama Pogue

Our swimming hole.  

Me and Heidi

Either Heidi or Smokey's puppies

Our little house in Winnemucca


Charters Mountain fire the year we had to evacuate - twice 

 The fire cloud as seen from the Fish and Game office in Boise

Evacuating our little cabin in Garden Valley

Thanks mom,  for allowing me to take the slides and share them.  You made all of us kids very happy!