Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, Isn't Life Interesting...

I haven't had much to talk about since finishing the 30 days posts. Life has been good. Had my 2 sisters, nieces and great niece here here for a few days. It's always so nice to have them here. I miss not having my family close.

Something interesting happened tonight though. A friend here in Hidden Springs called and said she had something she wanted to talk to me about and said she would stop by.

First, I guess I need to mention that I'm notified when anything new about Claude Dallas comes up on the Internet. When he was released from prison and I found out he was living in Emmett, I had a panic attack. The thought of running into him, or even seeing him at a distance across a parking lot, terrified me. Not because I was "afraid" of him, but because it would be too much to "see" the man who killed dad. It was hard enough to see him in court, I can't imagine seeing him on the street.

So, about a year ago I was notified of a thread where a bunch of armchair quarterbacks were writing things that I knew weren't true, and many of them claimed to know Claude. One even said he sat at a bar with him in 2005. Funny, Claude was still in prison then.

So, back to my friend. She owns an on-line auction business that helps non-profits raise money and is one of the first names that pop up when you Google Hidden Springs. She received a call from one of the people who is a more frequent poster on this thread. While I certainly don't agree with some of the things he's said, he seems to be mostly diplomatic and not out to slander dad. It turns out that he called my friend and asked her if she knew me. They talked for a while and he gave her his phone number and asked me to call him.

I have his phone number here in front of me. Will I call him? Probably. He says he knows Claude well and has taken him out on his boat in Florida. While I'm not sure what he wants to talk about, I may have a few questions that I'd like to ask him.

I left him a message on the thread to leave a comment on my blog with his email. I think I'd feel safer starting out with an email. So, Sam Ward, if you'd like to talk to me, leave your email and I'll delete your comment once I have your information so that it's not public if you'd like.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dee said...

Thanks for warning me.
I didn't know you had that reaction when you heard he was in Emmett. I'm sorry. Its sad how even the mention hurts so much.

Anonymous said...

My contacts with Dallas have been level and real. He is not a "hero" to me like he is to some. (Who ARE those people, anyway?) He was a trapper, poacher, buckeroo. The situation at Bull Camp went from bad to worse over an unknown period of time. I wasn't there, of course, but I have talked to Claude about it. To me, he does not lie. Anyway, I'd like to talk. You have my phone number. I've read the books, seen the movie, been in Idaho some. Doctor's appointment on 1/19 in AM. Back at the number you have about noon EST. Glad you are ahead of the game on cancer. It's a miserable disease. Killed my father and brother.

Best wishes,

Casey said...

Oh, honey--I'm a little bit anxious about this for your sake. To Mr. Ward, I'd ask that you please not bring any harm to this family, no matter how well-intentioned. I can understand wanting to help a friend get his or her voice heard, but unless you truly understand the grief this incident has caused, I beg you to deeply scrutinize your motives. As they say, "First, do no harm."

kate said...

Wow. This is getting WEIRD. I have to say, when you shared the way to find your blog on that forum, my first thought was "I don't want any of those people knowing where I live!"

I wonder what Mr. Ward's motives are. Are they to try to convince you that Dallas is not a monster, or is it to bring some closure and peace to you? I'll be anxious to hear about the conversation THE SECOND YOU HANG UP THE PHONE!!!!

I know each of us of wondered what we would say to Dallas if given the chance. I think we would all like to hear an authentic apology. I would like him to admit that dad did not pull a gun on him.

Jodi said...

Well Kate, we'll never get either of those I can guarantee you. All I want is to find dad's wedding ring and watch. We know dad, his history, his personality. We know the answer to that question and just have to realize that we can't change the minds of those who have other beliefs.