Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012, My Year in Review...

Every year I end my blog with my favorite posts of the year.  If you didn't read last year's - well, shame on you!

I started off my year with a post I wish I hadn't had to make.  My son had just returned home from Iraq.  It breaks my heart how our government treats our soldiers.

We listed our house again.

My wonderful, dear husband offered to take me on a date - to Chester's Chicken.  What a guy.

We sold our house!  Finally, we could build on Jacob Springs.

I posted the 25 Things you may not know about me.  Probably 25 things you never cared to know but now you do anyway.

My dear, sweet sister-in-law died after fighting for so long with cancer.  She was truly one-of-a-kind and we miss her terribly.

I took a minute to remember when Adam and his best friend Ben were young.  Now both in the military.  I think this was one of my favorite posts last year.

We started construction on the house at Jacob Springs!

I won a few bucks in Wendover to help pay for some things for the house!  I also won $5,000 on a lottery scratch ticket.

Nothing but problems with US Bank on building (or TRYING to) the house.  Just FYI, we've been trying to get the final appraisal for over 4 weeks now so that we can close on our loan.  Yes, we finished construction in early October - still no appraisal.  Everybody at this bank blames everybody else.  My opinion, I would NEVER recommend US Bank for a mortgage.  Losers!

Adam and Ben went to Costa Rica for graduation.

Another Elmer story.  They are, by far, my favorites.  He sure keeps life interesting!  and in the end, we had to call in the big equipment.

On June 15th, we started actual construction on the house.  What a ride it's been, but so incredibly worth it.

Days 19-36.

Day 43.

I'm pretty sure I saw a UFO.  It was definitely something I couldn't explain.

Day 65.

Linda, Jake and I took all the grandkids camping at Bruneau Dunes.  What a hoot.  It's definitely going to be an annual event, even if it's just here in the wall tent.

Day 83 at Jacob Springs and Adam was having fun.  I loved these pictures.

I wrote a letter to my son Jake before he left for Afghanistan.  I miss him so much.

Day 112 - almost there!

We branded the front door and had a party to thank everyone who helped make this home a reality.

We hosted the dessert portion of a progressive dinner for our friends, the Fanters.  What a wonderful night.

On 12/21/12 we had a big bonfire and waited for the Mother Ship.  Now THAT was fun!

It was a sad year - having Jake leave again.  It was a frustrating year with the bank.  It was a wonderful year watching as our home was built.

Thank you to all our friends and family for making our lives so enriched.  Tad, you built our dream home - and you're still our best friends despite me being on-site practically every day.  Mom, you are such a special person - what would our lives be like without you?  Adam, you keep me entertained every. single. day.  I'll miss you so much when you leave for boot camp.  Ival, we've made it 26 years.  How we've managed I know we both wonder sometimes - but we are so incredibly blessed with 3 wonderful kids and family and friends that anyone would be lucky to have.

Thank you all for sharing my life.


Jack Spencer said...

Thanks Jodi. After contacting you about the Gidleys last year, I subscribed to your blog. Its been a pleasure to read. You are fine people. The kind of great folks you meet in Idaho.

So happy for you building, and moving into your new home. May it bring you health and happiness in the New Year, and many years to come.

Jack Spencer Paris TN (Formerly of Boise)

Jodi said...

Thanks Jack, nice to have you along. I hope it somehow keeps you close to Idaho!

Dee said...

Facebook is so great, bringing people together.

And your blog is so much fun to read---, the good , the bad AND the ugly. And so a new year begins and new happenings , which we all will eagerly read.

Best Wishes for Good Things !