Saturday, December 29, 2012

Finding Old Friends and Making New...

Tomorrow I'll write my annual "Year in Review" post and it started me thinking about some of the old and new friends I've found this year - thanks to Facebook. 

Last spring I got an email from a wonderful young man who was asking permission to restore an old Dodge Powerwagon as a tribute to dad and Conley Elms.

Missouri Chuck Larsen/Chev is a police officer in Missouri.  My dad's family was from Missouri.  He chose a Dodge Powerwagon.  My dad bought a Dodge Powerwagon in the 70s.  He has 2 sons, Jake and Adam. I have 2 sons, Jake and Adam.  Chev loves the Denver Broncos.  I love the Denver Broncos.  He goes to watch their spring training every year with his family.  Ok, I've never done that.  Chev and his wife Meg and the boys are planning to come to Idaho to visit us next summer.  I hope it happens, I feel like they're family now!

My dad's cousin Valyrie Gillespie also found me on Facebook.  She sent me several pictures of dad when he was little.  How fun is that!

Randy Lish, Vicki Haskins Campbell, and Lew Pollizi, all found me on Facebook and sent me wonderful stories or messages about dad.  

I've kept up with an old friend's wife who I've never met in person but I'd love to someday.  Rick Dewey was an old friend from high school that also found me on Facebook but died last year.  I still think of him often but love hearing what his wife Eileen is doing.  She's one of the most generous people on earth, I swear.  Here's a post I wrote about Rick.  I still think of him often and wish he were still here.

I got back in touch with Linda's best friend from high school, Nancy Berlin.  It's great to have her back as part of the family after losing touch for so long!

I also just found Steve Copple and his beautiful wife Susan on Facebook.  When we lived in grama's old house Steve and Susan were some of our best buddies.  Gosh that was a long time ago, but I can't wait to have them over and find out what's been happening in their lives over the last 20 years!

It's been a great year and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.  I am one lucky gal.


Dee said...

How nice it is to find and remember people from the past and find new friends. Gracious and kind folks, just your kind of folks.

Hooray for FB.

jaci said...

OH! I was supposed to let you know that Peggy Rankin from Winnemucca would love to reconnect with you sometime. She's one of my friends on FB now because she commented on an old blog post of mine about Trudi Elmore.

Speaking of finding old friends... ;)

Love you, old friend (and I love the truck!)

kate said...

WHY haven't you posted (or mentioned to your SIBLINGS) these connections/photos/stories about our dad? Huh??

Jodi said...

Kate, I'll find those messages and send them to you and Linda.