Saturday, July 7, 2012

This n' That and a Little Story...

Here's a picture of the kitchen from the front door.  Impressive, huh?

A hawk I saw on the way home (notice the mouse in his talon)

and the beautiful sunset last night from the fire in Elmore County

I have a little story.  Rather embarrassing really as I usually tell these stories about Elmer.  I went to help him water this morning.  He asks me often but it's usually too hot, too cold, or I just don't wanna.  But, this morning I helped.  He took off in the buggy with buckets to water some of the plants in odd places and asked me to take the truck with the big barrels of water up past the house to water some of those things.  I've seen him park next to the house and hand water a lot of things and thought "well that's dumb.  I'll just drive up and park in the flat spot (that will soon be the barn) ABOVE the plants and let the water run down.  I have NO idea why he's never thought of that.

So I drive up and notice he's parked above me in the buggy and waving madly.  I stopped and turned off the engine to hear him yell "I don't drive up there because the barrels will fall out the back of the truck!"  Psssshhhht.  I started the truck up and went about 15 feet and damned if one of the barrels didn't fall out the back.  Pssssshhhht. 

It was too heavy to get back in so we had to empty it.  As we picked it up he noticed that I had broken the spigot when the barrel fell out.  Sorry!  I shut the tailgate so the other barrel wouldn't fall out and drove to my destination about 20 feet further up the hill.  As I started to water, I noticed a big hole in the hose.

"How can you water with this big hole in the hose?"

"What hole?"

Oops.  I had run over the hose and ruined it.  So, I shut the tailgate again and went back down the hill and went home.  When Ival got home, he said, "I'm never asking you to help water again.  When you shut the tailgate you broke the spigot off the other barrel."

So let this be a lesson to you.  If you're asked to do something you don't want to do, do it poorly.  I'm fairly certain I won't be asked to help with this nasty job again. 


Anonyvox said...

Stories like this make me feel less alone in the world. There are others of my kind!

kate said...

You two prove that there really is someone for everyone. ;) Have you considered assisted living?

Dee said...

That would be too funny---Jodi and Ival in assisted living and me still living at home making my own weird accidents.

Jodi to Ival: IMYY4U

(I am too wise for you)

Jodi said...

As I've said before, I do amuse myself! Too bad I don't amuse Ival!

Kev said...

Ah Ha! I have finally found the site in which I can learn about the female conspiracy in detail!

Park said...

i feel for you aunt jodi! we had a friend living with us for 6 months. he moved out a month ago and we had lunch together yesterday at the house. when he arrived he walked around, looked at me, and said, "so what all have you broken since i've been away." we're the only couple i know that has to include breakage as an expense item in a monthly budget. --maybe you two should consider it though :)

jaci said...

Gawd you were interesting while I was on vacation. I just laughed my butt off through six of your posts.

I'm so glad I am not the only one who does stupid stuff.