Friday, July 20, 2012

Jacob Springs Days 19-36...

Well, we had a new granddaughter and I went to Portland and helped my sister, niece and grand-niece move back HOME.  I'm so glad to have them here and the granddaughter, well, she's awesome.  I'll post some pictures in the next day or two because I have to steal them from my Jacki's Facebook.

But, here's the progress on the house.  It's getting pretty darned exciting I must say.  This was before they built the deck frame...

And starting the wrap-around porch is 12 ft. deep.  We've so far gone through 6 35-lb buckets of deck screws.  I just went and picked up 3 and it was $300 for just 3 buckets of screws!  Eeeeek!

But I think it will be worth it!  Don't you?

I actually went and helped with the deck yesterday - until it got too hot.  Today, I can barely move.  I know, pathetic.

Yep, I think we'll use that porch!

I found a gal who tears down old houses and barns.  She's got a butt load of stuff but I scored a few fun things.

We have baby hummers in the tree in front of the house.  This picture was a few weeks ago...

My how they've grown!

More pictures on Monday when they lay the logs on top and put the roof trusses up.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Dee said...

Looking good and that is one big porch ! yes, it will be put to good use. Just sitting out there is the evenings , listening to birds, seeing critters and looking at the view will be so worth allll the headaches. !

Kev said...

It is very, very nice Jodi....I see why you are so excited!