Saturday, June 25, 2011

Werkin' At The Merc...

I get up early every morning.  Always before 6am, usually around 5.  Don't ask me why, my alarm clock is obviously off somehow and has been for years.

Thursday night I got a call that someone wanted to see the house on Friday.  After Ival left for work, I went up and cleaned the bathroom and made the bed.  I had planned to clean slowly and have it done by noon.  Enter Murphy's Law...

At 7:40am, I got a call from my boss.

"Did you know you're supposed to work today?"

"No I'm not."

Yes, you are."

"No I'm not, I never work on Friday."

"Yes, you are.  You are the opener today."

"Damn, I haven't showered or anything.  Give me 10 minutes and I'll be there."

So, I did what I could with the bad hair, threw on some makeup and drove the 1 minute to work.  I hate when that happens.

It was a pretty busy morning, as Fridays usually are, and exactly why I only work Monday and Tuesday.  I have my routine, and I don't like to stray from it.  But, around noon a nice couple came in and sat down.  I went over and the "nice lady" said, "Hi Jodi."  I must have given her the look, because she said, "I'm BoisecommaIdaho."  Damn!  I've read her blog for several years (although she's gotten a new job and hasn't posted for a while - a loooong while) and had never met her! 

So, meeting Kristen made the discomfort of straying from my normal routine worthwhile. 

It was nice to finally meet you Kristen.  You're just as awesome as I knew you'd be!


Dee said...

That made up for a bad start. cool.

kate said...

It would be even better if she bought your house!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm flattered! And Kate, I already have a house around the corner....but it would be awesome for Jodi ;).