Monday, June 13, 2011

Do YOU Believe?

For several years, Adam had some friends that lived in an old shack up a draw just across Seaman's Gulch from Hidden Springs.  The twins and their parents lived there for years.  One day, a friend gave their dad a hand carved wooden figure (supposedly with real ruby eyes).  It was given to him because the guy who had it previously said that anyone who had the figure in their possession had really bad luck.  Supposedly, one guy died and when the twins' dad received the figure, he broke his leg.  They believe the carving was Native American.

So, rather than pass it on, the dad took the figure and put it in a wooden box and took it up the hill from their house and buried it.

Now, I don't know if this is true or not (the story as told to Adam is true, I just don't know about the "events" that surround this figure).  Adam told me today that he wants to go find the burial box the next time the twins come to visit. 

Naturally, this started me thinking.  Would I let Adam try to locate the box?  If he did, would I let him bring it home?  If I did let him bring it home, would I be brave enough to rip the "ruby" eyes out of it and put them in a ring?

I guess I'm wondering how superstitious I am.  I think you have to believe in some kind of afterlife in order to be afraid of something like this.  If you didn't believe in that, it wouldn't bother you at all to take possession of some mysterious, deadly figurine would it?  Kate/Casey, if he finds it could I give it to one of you to "keep" for a year or so to see if it's safe?

How do you feel about things like this?  Should I let Adam search it out and bring it home?  I'd be really pissed if I died because he brought it home.  What would you do and do you believe in this kind of thing?  Casey and Kate, I need feedback from you non-believers.  Is that creepy to you?


Dee said...

NO NO NO ! Do not bring that THING home. do not even touch it. If it goes to your house, I'm not coming over, ever. (guess that's not a threat. it could be taken as hope.)

jaci said...

Well, I am a deeply spiritual person and I do believe there are things out there that we cannot understand. But this has all the markings of a ghost tale. I'd be willing to at least look at the thing. If it then gave me the heebie-jeebies, I'd get rid of it. I truly believe that things like that only have power over you *if* you let them. And I wouldn't let it.
I think Kate could keep it for you for a year, though... ;P

Jodi said...

Yes Jaci, just to be safe! I'll send it to her in the mail.

JACKI said...

well... if you go diggin this sucker up and end up dying, I'm burying(sp?) with you.

kate said...

Eeeek! I'm not superstitious, but that gives me the heebie jeebies. Give it to Casey!!

And no, don't take the eyes out. Nothing good can come of that. ((shudder))

Jodi said...

Don't worry Jacki, I won't die. I'm definitely sending it to Kate. She just posted on Fb, under my name saying "My butt itches." She's in big trouble.

Casey said...

I don't want it! Sheesh, what a bunch of givers--can't you give me something that HASN'T killed anyone?

I don't believe in evil spirits or demons and that junk. But I do believe that people have a way of psychologically working themselves into a state about something where they can have bad effects because of a "curse." There are a lot of African religions that believe very, very strongly that you can curse a person, and those who believe it fall prey to some pretty weird maladies.

I also think that every time the usual bad stuff happens, people look around for something to blame it on.

I don't want your bad ju-ju. (Also, Kate is probably trying to kill me because she wants to cut down the Mitch Mayne Sister Wife herd a bit. Maybe you could put a butt-itch curse on her...)

Dee said...

what Casey said . That's what I was trying to say last night.
know what I mean ?

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I don't know. I'm not a really superstitious person, but~I did hear a story once from an author that made me think twice. He found a human skull while horseback riding. It was really old, and he took it home. (WHY??? who knows!) He started having horrible nightmares after that. After two weeks of not much sleep, he finally got up one night, took the skull into his office, and set it on his desk. "What do you want from me?" he asked it. Then he went back to bed and promptly had a nightmare that made sense. It was a dream about a young Native American girl who had been murdered. He got up, wrote it all down and made sure it was published. No more nightmares!
I'd probably leave that thing where it is. Maybe. I do like rubies. :)

Jodi said...

Suzanne, I know what you mean. Gotta love precious stones! That stuff creeps me out though.