Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ranking Pixar Movies...

We all love Pixar don't we?  Well, except mom.  She's never seen a Pixar movie.  Someday, I'm taking Finding Nemo or Up over to her house and we're going to see a Pixar movie!

The powers who be - whoever they might be, have ranked the 11 Pixar movies and here's their list. 

11. Cars
10. The Incredibles
9.  Bugs Life
8.  Toy Story 2
7.  Monsters, Inc
6.  Finding Nemo
5.  Toy Story
4.  Up
3.  Ratatoulle
2.  Toy Story 3
1.  Wall-E
Hmmmmm.  That's not how I'd pick them.  Here's my ranking...
11. Toy Story 2
10.  Ratatoulle
9.  Toy Story 3
8.  Wall-E
7.  Cars
6.  The Incredibles
5.  Bugs Life
4.  Toy Story
3.  Up
2.  Monsters, Inc
1.  Finding Nemo
It was hard to decide between Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc.  I love them both. But then again, I also really loved Up, A Bugs Life, and the original Toy Story.    Hmmmm.  I just thought of something.  Maybe we need to rent a Pixar movie to watch while we're in Oregon for mom's 80th birthday.  Wait!  I know, how about a Pixar marathon!
What's your favorite?


Dee said...

Wait a darn minute----we can find WAY better things to do than a Pixar marathon ! nuh uh.

jaci said...

Come on, Dee - even my husband (who HATES animated films) likes Pixar!

1. Up!
2. Monsters Inc
3. Ratatouille
4. Wall-E
5. Toy Story 3
6. Finding Nemo
7. Cars
8. Bugs Life

Darn, they're all just great!

Jake said...

11. Toy Story 2
10. Ratatoulle
9. Toy Story 3
8. Wall-E
7. Cars
6. The Incredibles
5. Bugs Life
4. Toy Story
3. Up
2. Monsters, Inc
1. Finding Nemo

10. Cars
9. Finding Nemo
8. A Bug's Life
7. Toy Story 2
6. Ratatoulle
5. Monsters, Inc
4. The Incredibles
3. Toy Story
2. Wall-E
1. Up!

Jake said...

Please ignore the 11 on the top, I copied them over so I wouldn't miss any that I had seen. The bottom ones are my list

Jodi said...

I loved up as well. It was so hard to rank them as they're all so good.