Saturday, June 4, 2011

Packing a Box For Dad...

Today we took Grace to the Veterans Resource Network to pack a box for her to send to her daddy for Father's Day.  Heather sends Jake boxes of goodies fairly often but this was the first time they had gone to the VRN to pack a box.  It's a wonderful organization with local Blue Star Moms as volunteers.  Local businesses and individuals donate all kinds of items.

You walk into a big room and there are table after table of boxes full of items and you get to "shop" for whatever you want to put in your box.  Grace, with the help of her mom, great-grama and sister, had a great time shopping for things to send to daddy.

They have all kinds of goodies like jerky, cookies, candy, tuna, peanut butter, movies, books, socks, batteries, games, notepads, toiletries, shoot just about anything you'd want to send to a soldier.  They have a group that knits hats and mittens (we didn't choose any of those - I guess it got to 125 there are few days ago).  Grace had a wonderful time and wished she could send him a box every week - but we'll make sure we get there every month before he comes home.

Halia is "signing" the Father's Day card for her daddy.

I have a feeling dad's going to like this box.


Dee said...

AND lots of help from Grandma Jodi, who found this treasure-trove ! and of course took all the pictures. It was great fun and the goodies available are amazing. wow !
Then we went to IHOP for brunch and if that weren't enough stuffing---first the box then ourselves, we all met at 5:00 at "The Ranch" and had a picnic on the mountain. More stuffing ! HELP.
We all enjoy the "Ranch"---its quiet, lots of singing birds, a soft breeze-----. pure heaven.

jaci said...

What really wonderful thing to do - and a wonderful resource. I love Blue Star Moms!

Jodi said...

I'm glad you came along mom, it was great fun!

Jaci, I agree. The Blue Star Mothers are wonderful. The items they have for packing are great - not a bunch of junk that you wouldn't want to send. The people and companies that donate this stuff are wonderful as well.