Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's New...

Most of what's happening at Jacob Springs has been inside - and boring.  Unless of course you're excited to have the house done.  That's me.

We have the electrician up there, the plumber, the heat and air and today they're installing most of the parts of the central vac system.  I haven't taken pictures because, well, like I said it's rather boring.  But it also gets us closer to completion.

Today I went and picked out several colors I like for the interior.  I'm mostly looking at white with a bit of blue tint, white with a bit of gray tint, or white with a bit of green tint.  I love green, but the outside is going to be green so I'm thinking I need something different for the inside. 

So, once something exciting happens inside I'll post pictures.  


kate said...

WHITE??? You were stressed out about picking white??


Jodi said...

Douche bag.

kate said...

MOM!!!!! momMOMmomommomom!!! Did you see what your daughter just called me?!

That's it. I'm not talking to you anymore.

Until the next opportunity arises for me to make fun of you.

Jodi said...

Of course! Pogue women can't pass up a good opportunity to make fun of eachother!

Dee said...

well, of course, that is the absolute END of your relationship---no more sister love.

The tint in the white will be so subtle that you will only see the white--but it won't be blinding white. a bit of gray may help.
Progress ! yeaaa