Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cleaning the Wagon...

We started at 7am and our good friend, retired Game Warden, Dutch Oven Camp Cook and Cookbook Author, Butch Welch came up to help.  What a life saver. 

If it's old, especially if it has anything to do with cast iron or old west, Butch is full of information.  Not only did we completely take the wagon apart to clean it, but we got a history lesson on almost every hand-forged inch of it.  He told us about the wood, the hand-forged wrought iron and every pin and nail.  It was actually great fun.  Butch, only you could have actually made this nasty project fun!

All we have left is the box.  Before we put it all back together we'll give it a good scrubbing with dawn dish soap.

What a wonderful adventure this was!

Oh, and I'm going to go buy a kiddie pool today and we're going to soak the wooden wheels for a few days to get them back to fitting as tight in the iron bands as they were years ago.  Butch is helping with that too.  By next weekend we should have our kitchen island put all back together!


Dee said...

I am a convert !
Went up this morning to see how the dismantling was going and it was in pieces. Butch gave us a history lesson on how each piece of iron was made, and how it was put together. He just crowed over how great a find it was and how well it was built. It is the Rolls Royce of wagons.

Went inside the house, and I am soooo impressed ! And that wagon belongs in that house---with a honkin' slab of granite on it, it will be the Rolls Royce of Kitchen Islands.

I'm proud of you , Jodi for sticking by your guns---your creativity is amazing.

Jodi said...

I'm not buying it mom. You may now be "less than horrified," but I don't believe you think it belongs in the house. I know you! But thank you for the kind words, it's been fun and exciting!

Kev said...

Dad has taught me to be a "Wayseer" for my entire life...see "THE WAYSEER MANIFESTO Official Video HQ" on are a Wayseer Jodi!

PS: It's kinda long...