Monday, February 6, 2012

Things Are Moving Along Nicely...

The kids accepted the counter offer we made on our house on Thursday afternoon.  By Saturday, they had the inspector out to do the inspection which went very well.  A few minor things like outlet covers that needed to be tightened.  I'm sure they'll have the appraiser over this week.  They want us to rent the house back until May.

We got the phone number for the guy we need to talk to in order to get an easement from his property right above us on the other side of the road to get power down the hill to our place.  Ival is meeting with Idaho Power on Wednesday to get a general price and timeline on getting the work done.  We'll contact the well driller and get that scheduled and start on the permits for the house.

For the last year and a half, most of the work has been on me to make sure the house was spotless at all times for showings.  I have to admit, I'm relieved that the next month will be things Ival will take care of.  Once those things are done, they we can work together to get the house built.

Our friends Butch and Penny Welch stopped by yesterday.  Butch is a retired Game Warden that had the first Dutch oven cooking show on television.  We took them up to the property while they were here and they loved it.  They need a large garden space because they've branched out from their Dutch oven clinics and have plans for some new things to do and teach, such as canning.  So, we showed them the perfect spot on our place for their garden.  We also talked about the logistics for the Hillbilly Gatherin' and they donated a catering event for the auction.  I have a feeling it will be our biggest seller.  They've never been to the event and are really looking forward to being a part of it.

For the first time since we bought the property almost 2 years ago, as we stood at Jacob Springs with Butch and Penny, I was able to allow myself to visualize our home, barn, the pastures, the pond, and the critters.   I had always known that if the house didn't sell, the property would have to go.  It was awesome to be able to stand there and know that by the end of the summer, we would be where we wanted to be.  It was a wonderful feeling.

So, for the next few weeks I'm going to relax, work on my cross stitch, spend some time with my grandkids, and work on the Hillbilly Gatherin' - especially finding things for the auction and a few more sponsors. 

I'm excited to get the power and water in at Jacob Springs.  Then the fun will really begin!


kate said...

LOVE this post, sister!! It's so great hearing all the good thing happening for you guys. The waiting was hard but by this time next year, you'll be in your new house, on your dream property. And life will be GOOD!

Jodi said...

I plan on being in the house by September! Yep, things are good.

Dee said...

At last, you CAN relax, not have to show the house and let your mind dream your dreams. Life IS good.