Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well Shoot!

I tend to find that life is much easier to deal with if I ignore anything/anyone that bothers me.  I didn't say it was a healthy solution, but it generally works for me.  However, I don't usually ignore a medical condition.

After my second time with chemo, I noticed that my hands and especially my feet, were always tingling.  Kind of like when your feet fall asleep and then tingle as they come back to life.  Except it was constant.  My hands aren't so bad but my feet have always been quite noticeable.  Lately, they seem to be getting worse with hardly any feeling (yet I can definitely feel the constant tingling).  It's the hardest thing to describe.  They feel numb, yet I can feel almost constant pain in the balls of both feet and the constant tingle.  I was told it was called neuropathy.  I'd just as soon not know what it's called 'cause the less I know about it the better I like it.

Today I bought new slippers and when I tried them on, I scared myself.  I kept trying to cram my foot into a size that I know I always wear, trying to get them all the way on.  I suddenly realized they were on, I just couldn't tell.  I couldn't feel my toes.

Luckily, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I started doing some checking and found that quite a few people have what is called Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN).  I had no idea that neuropathy could get worse over the years, in fact, I expected it to get better.

And as for the slippers, I bought them, but I still can't tell if they fit.  I can't tell if they're too tight or too loose.  I wonder why this is happening all of a sudden. 

The doctor had better come up with a solution for this tomorrow as this is totally unacceptable.  I won't tolerate it!


JACKI said...

well you could look at it this way, it opens up a whole world of shoes for ya because you won't have to shop by size anymore. ha ha!

Sheri said...

Nor should you tolerate it. Let us know what the Doc says.

Anonyvox said...

That sounds like a real nuisance. I hope there's a way to reverse it. In the meantime, I like Jacki's idea.

Dee said...

Next stop, Dr. Montgomery---surely they know of this and can tell you something.

Damn cancer, damn it !

kate said...

Yikes. Well I'm glad you're going to the dr. and hopefully they'll come up with a solution.

Let us know. Love you sis!

Linda said...

I would have enjoyed watching you try to cram your foot into a slipper that is already on.

Jodi said...

Well, the doctor informed me that indeed, neuropathy can get worse over the years and said that she could give me medication to help. I'm holding off - I don't want or need any more medication.

And as some of you suggested, I often see cute shoes on sale where the only size is a 5. I think I'll now be a size 5!

Park said...

sorry to hear this aunt jody.

DAVID HAAS said...

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