Saturday, August 20, 2011

Call Me Old Fashioned...

but to me, texting and dating are not a good mix.  It's been a while since I dated - a long while, but I'm trying to imagine what it would have been like to have someone text me for a date instead of the good old fashioned phone call.

I love to see people flirt.  It's adorable!  When someone texts you and asks if you want to go out, what fun could that possibly be?  You can't hear any emotion in their voice, and isn't that part of what really turns us into a drooling mess when we discover that we may like someone?  I've had the good fortune in the last few weeks to watch someone I care a lot about, flirt with someone.  It was adorable.  I haven't seen him act that way since he was a teenager.  To watch his eyes as he looked at her and to hear his boy-like voice as he teased her about things just melted my heart.

But with texting you get none of that.  I've watched several younger girls who are in the beginning stages of dating someone and they're always texting.  How can you tell what the guy is thinking if you can't hear it in his voice.

If I were dating in this day and age, I would be emphatic.  Unless it's an emergency, NO TEXTING!  If you can't pick up the phone and actually talk to me, then don't bother.  Are we at a point where we decide if someone is a good fit for us by reading what he types?  I guess we can quickly discover if he has grammar problems, but how can we really get to know someone without hearing their voice?  It just isn't possible.  I don't think it should even be considered interaction. 

Consider it in the simplest way:

Text: Wanna' go out?
Text back: k
Text: Bardonays Sat at 7?
text back: k  :)

REALLY?  With a phone call, you can at least hear in their voice some kind of flirtation or how serious they are about the date.  You can even tell if someone is smiling when you talk to them on the phone.  Plus, it's generally more than a few words and leads to an actual conversation.  Face to face is even better, you can see in someone's eyes if they really like you.  But texting, it's safe I suppose.  No emotions involved., only a few typewritten words.  It's really very sad.

To you younger girls still dating I would offer this advice.  No texting while dating.  Tell him to call.

Would you have liked "texting" instead of a phone call when you were dating?  Do you like texting with a friend instead of a phone call from them?  Maybe it's just me.


NancyAnne said...

I completely agree with you. How times have changed. Texts to me are for a quick "Running late, but I'm on my way", A late night "can't wait to see you tomorrow" or, "I'm at the back table by the biography section" at the library. Ha! You can tell I don't text. I could have shortened this to one line if I did. :)

Dee said...

Texting is a poor excuse for conversation. Even the computer doesn't like it-----there is a red line under the word--it isn't a real word. ----anyway, in a phone call, there could be teasing, compliments, laughter, caring, happiness, even showing concern if your S O has had a bad day. Boo Hiss on texting.