Monday, August 8, 2011

Redneck Paintball Duck Hunting/2012 Hillbilly Games...

Kate emailed this to me, thinking we should add this to next year's Hillbilly Games. 

I need to decide if we'll be putting up tents and doing the games on the farm this year, or should I reserve the barn again?  Whether we do it at the barn or the farm, we'll have plenty of room at the farm for everyone to pitch their tents or park their campers for the night.

Which would you prefer - tents for shade and an improvised dance floor on the farm, or the comfort of the Hidden Springs barn?  I'm thinking we'll do it the end of April or sometime in May.

Our beneficiary next year will be Wish Granters of Idaho, a new organzation that really needs a good kick start. 



kate said...

You know my vote: Barn! With the kitchen and real bathrooms (seriously, I will not use a porta-potty: if we do it on your land, be forwarned that I WILL be, uh, watering your bushes) and the comfort of being inside in case it gets cold or windy or rainy.

Then for the people who want to stay overnight, the party can move up to your property.

Jodi said...

I really hate porta potties too. Nasty.

Dee said...

Me too. But maybe not April or May-------its cold and rainy then. ALWAYS ! June is better---not HOT yet.

Sounds like fun. yeaaaaaaaaaaa

Jodi said...

We tried June last year and when the kids are out of school the people don't come like they do when they're stuck at home because of school. The first year, when we did it in April was beautiful! Remember that? I'm thinking May 5th or 12th - before graduations begin.

Dee said...

I just looked at some of those other paintball shootings---and that's sick. That one kid got awful skin injuries that look very painful ! Idiot guys !