Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bullshit Merchant...

My brother is so cool, I just love him.  If you remember, he's a logger.  He's been driving a logging truck since he was old enough to drive.  He lives up north and once a year he braves the Boise traffic to come see us city folk.

His last trip down, he handed me his "business card."  I asked why he needed a business card and he replied, "because they were only $34 for a hundred of 'em."  Well, that explains everything.  So, here they are.  If you're ever in need of the services he provides, let me know and I can get you in touch with him...

I think he should have added, "logging camps and forests burned down."  He did that once you know.  He was so excited to be done with a particular logging job that he burned down the camp - and the forest.  I think that was a very expensive celebration for him.  Nothing he does ever surprises me.


kate said...

OH. MY. GOD. That is the funniest damn thing I've ever seen. What a NUT!!!

kate said...

Pogee? What is that? A new nickname?

Jodi said...

I asked about that too. If you remember, everyone in high school called him "Hogan" and as he got older, he hated that name. So, he said that all loggers have nicknames so they started calling him "Pogee."

I actually have two of his cards - I want more cause it's just the funnies damn thing. Do you want me to send you my extra? You really should have one.

Dee said...

Don't you just love him to pieces !
Talking with him is an event !
I love it-----I love him !

kate said...

I showed this post to David and we just had an absolute hoot coming up with other ideas for Steve's business cards:

*Tofu Tester
*Life Coach
*Interior Decorator
*Charter member of PETA
*Fashion Consultant
*Past-Life Guide
*Ecstatic Dancer

Tad Duby said...

gotta love those rednecks sound like he should have grown up in Hereford Oregon, would have fit right in