Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To All My Friends and Family With Blogs...

What is going on?????

Sweet Potato Pie - no post since 9/2
Hooty Hoot - haven't heard from you since 8/23
Obsure Photo Haiku and Peanut Gallery - I'd like to see more from you
Jaci Dawn and All I'm Saying - I can always count on you two!
Way Down in Mayberry, City of Compton and Boise Comma Idaho - I've given up on you.

Come on people! It takes 10 minutes!



JACKI said...

I know... and it's 10 minutes that I don't have... and if I do have 10 minutes, I'm not in the mood to be blogging. I know... I suck!

kate said...

I know, I suck too. I guess I have writer's block: there are no elections forcing me up on my soap-box, I haven't run into any parked cars lately and nobody is pissing me off!

I'll try to work up a good rant or something.

boisecommaidaho said...

I know I know I suck! Work has been crazy! Don't give up on me yet! But I am a little concerned about Mayberry, I think she bailed :).

Jodi said...

Kristin, she's making soap now and selling on Etsy. Pfffft. She can't take a few minutes to blog?

jaci said...

I need to go back to taking a photo of a day, I think! I'll post something tonight, I promise! I'm missing some of my fave bloggers, too - maybe everyone is busy? Nah, that's not my excuse. Lazy. Writer's Block. Ah hell, I have no excuse. Thanks for the slap upside the head, Jodi. I will write more!!