Monday, September 20, 2010

Off to Iraq...

Tomorrow our son leaves for a few weeks of training in Mississippi then off to Iraq. I'm not so much worried, but rather sad. Sad to see him leaving his wife and two girls, Grace at 7 and newborn Halia.

Mom and I spent some time talking yesterday about how wars have changed over the years. When dad was in Korea, it took weeks for letters to get back and forth. No phone calls, no email.

Now, thankfully, our soldiers have options such as Skype, Facebook, and email. We plan to use them all to keep in touch with Jake, but I know that he'll also appreciate the old fashioned letters we'll send that he can receive during mail call.

We love you son and we're so proud of all that you have become. Know that we'll miss you but we'll do all we can to help Heather, Grace and Halia get through the next year while you're gone.

Until you come home, we're going to miss your wonderful hugs...


kate said...

No kidding; I can't imagine the non-stop worry that past generations (mom) went through going for weeks/months without word from their husbands/loved ones at war. We are so lucky to live in a time with the technology we have today to keep in touch.

We'll miss you Jake! Be safe. Love you.

Dee said...

It was so wonderful to see Jake, Heather , Grace and Halia yesterday. It is sad to have Jake leave, Halia will grow and change so much while he is gone and Grace will grow and become even more adorable too.
Thanks kids for the nice visit yesterday----and the yummy lunch. You are all so very special to me/us all. LOVE YOU ALL.