Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ya'll Come!

If I don't have yer email address, here's yer invite ta the First Annual Hillbilly Gatherin' and Warm-Fuzzy Fundraiser. Double click the image ta make it big anuf ta read!

Feel free ta bring a friend 'er 2 but RSVP yer intentions ( so we know how much moonshine ta make!


Blank Girl said...

Whoever made that poster did a GREAT job!

Jodi said...

Yea, Linda did that. She did do a great job didn't she!

JACKI said...

I forgot to ask... what does the 'warm-fuzzy' part mean?
Good job, Linda!!!

Jodi said...

You're going to feel all warm and fuzzy by helping The Race for the Cure!

JACKI said...

I keep forgeting to ask you... how is your smoking going? Or should I say (hopfully) lack of smoking???