Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ival will be taking a well-deserved break on October 12th to go hunting with his brother Joe and a couple of other guys.  He told me about a month ago that he thought he'd cancel because of the house.  After some 'discussion' I told him that there was no way he was cancelling, he needed to go.

So, Adam and I may be doing the moving.  I know there's no way I can wait a week to move if it's possible to do it sooner.  It would also be great fun to have it ALL done when Ival gets home.  We're actually planning on hiring the movers who moved all our stuff to storage in April to bring everything to the house so we just have to unpack and find proper homes for everything.   I keep remembering how once we bought Jacob Springs he spent every night up there for 2 years, planting things, hauling buckets of water to keep them alive, sleeping in the tent and just loving the fact that SOMEDAY we would be living there.

So do you think we can get moved AND build a yard fence all in one week before he gets home?


H said...

With support, anything is possible! I think that is a very achievable goal. Let me know if you'd like Grace's help, I'm sure she'd love to be a part of that. And maybe I'll hang out on your porch & help break the deck in. ;)

Jodi said...

You know you're welcome any time Heather. Just call and say you're on you're way up! I think Grace would be a great help and you can break in the porch swing.

Mark Hatten said...

Jodi, I am one of the guys Ival went hunting with, it was wonderfull to see him relax and enjoy himself. It took a few days for him to unwind from all the stress. But he did, talked constantly about you and and Adam snd of course the house.
I was fortunate enough to be able to help (a little) on the deck. You guys have a great place to call home!!!
I followed the whole ordeal with your dad as it happened and it came up in huntin camp, Ival recommended " give a boy a gun" we to Eagle library and got it as soon as we got back from humting. Great, great book. Really shows a side of your dad that was not well portrayed by the media. He sound like a guy i would go into the back country with.
I met you briefly and look forward to meeting again.
Best regards
Mark Hatten

Jodi said...

Mark, glad you guys had a good time hunting. I know Ival really needed to get away, and being with the guys away from town and possibly killing something - well, there's nothing better is there? Glad you're enjoying the book!