Friday, October 12, 2012

Jacob Springs - Almost Time...

I'll know this afternoon if we'll have our certificate of occupancy on Jacob Springs today.  That's what our builder is working for.  The electrical was inspected yesterday (with a few minor things that were fixed last night) and should pass today.  The plumbing was all finished today and will be inspected this morning.  Hopefully later today, we'll have the ok to move in!  I can't believe this day is finally here.

I got off work yesterday and went up to find that my sister Linda and our friend Nancy had gotten a huge start on cleanup inside.  A huge task with all the fine wood dust that covered the walls, doors, floors and ceiling.  There's still more to do.

Ival is leaving today for a week-long, much-deserved elk hunting trip.  It makes me happy to know that he can leave, relax, have fun with the guys, and when he gets home he'll be living in the house he's worked so hard on.

We'll be spending a girls weekend finishing the cleaning, having some drinks, and making it as much fun as we can when you're doing chores to finish the yucky part before moving in.  Then, if the inspections pass today, I'll have the movers get the stuff out of storage, out of the garage and house we're in now and take it to Jacob Springs.  I've taken the next 2 weeks off work and plan to have most everything in order by the time Ival gets home next Saturday.

Today I'm heading to my home town of Garden Valley with my daughter, daughter-in-law and all the grandkids to spend a few hours at a pumpkin patch, hayrides, and just having some fun.  When I get home I'll get back to work on some cleaning - and taking some pictures.

It's a beautiful home and I'm so incredibly grateful to all the people who helped make it a reality.  I'll do a post about them later tonight - with pictures!


H said...

So excited for you to finally move in!! And I don't know how much we could help, but we'd love to be a part of the process!

kate said...

WHOOOHOOOO!!! I'm so happy for you! And going to GV? What a GREAT day this is! Can't wait to see your beautiful new home. xo

PS. When are you going to announce the party??

Anonyvox said...

I'm excited for you too! It's been a long wait and you're finally there.

I've been thinking about taking Junior Vox up to the thing in GV. Let me know if it's worth the drive!

Jodi said...

Kate, I'll be doing that this weekend. Casey, I'll let you know!

Kev said...

I sure have enjoyed watching it all come together from afar Jodi. Inspirational to Meg and I and really, really happy for y'all!!