Monday, June 11, 2012

Lighting Options...

I think I've already mentioned how much I hate shopping for lighting.  Yes, I'm sure I did.  Especially bathroom lighting.  It doesn't matter how many websites you look at or how many stores you go to, you get a bar with 3 or 4 lights attached that basically all look the same.

Until I found the Possini collection at Lamps Plus.  Now you have to remember that most of the lighting in our house is going to be these

But, I'm not really into "country" decorating so they will be painted with white enamel.  Still fitting for "barn" living but not cutesy country.  So in order to add some "modern" I've found a few unique pieces that I think hope will add a bit of interest.

This is the fixture that will be going over our bathroom vanity...
Who doesn't love bubbles in the bathroom!

And this will be in the middle of 2 "barn" pendants hanging over our bar. 

I know, you're probably thinking that these 2 styles just can't be good together.  But, I'm a rebel.  Ok, this is as dangerous as I get as a rebel but darn it, lighting can be pretty scary!

This is the second bedroom and bath (Adam's until he moves out) vanity light and ceiling fan.Possini Midtown 23 1/2" High Satin Bath Bar Light Fixture

Quite a mix of modern and country (ew, I can hardly say that word without thinking of pink rose fabric and "chippy" paint furniture - ewwwww!) but I'm hoping I can pull it off!  Am I crazy?


kate said...

Nope, not crazy at all. I think they'll look great, and I loooove that "birds nest" looking one. Good job, you rebel!

JACKI said...

... Adam is not moving out.

Dee said...

Ever ! He's too settled into living with you.

I love all that you've picked out and each one is in a different room, and will "shine". Great choices. Good job, though it was hard for you.