Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jacob Springs, Day 9...

Yesterday the well driller arrived and set up shop.   The excavation is costing more than we thought due to some site issues so the well driller ensured Ival that he will not only hit artesian water but that it will also spit gold nuggets.  That made me feel better.  Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday we'll have water.

The photo below is the foundation with the footings for the porch.  The porch is either 12 or 15 feet wide, I don't remember.  It's going to add 2,800 sq ft to the house.  That's larger than the interior of the house which is only 2,100 sq ft.

Tad expects to start framing next week.  Woo hoo!


Dee said...

Both so exciting !

Good idea dept. :

Put up canvas that rolls up and down as outside walls on the porch, a few as dividers and rent then out as "square teepees" . Why waste all the lovely space. Campers would have the feeling of camping out in the open ( birds singing, coyotes, breezes, etc) but be close to town. Is that a great idea or what !!!!! oh, and Ival could cook breakfast , clang the "dinner" triangle.

kate said...

Whoohoo! So exciting! Can't wait to watch things progress; keep the pictures comin!

I like mom's idea, although then you'd wake up to visitors/hobos every day, expecting fresh baked scones and coffee in bed. Wait. Where do we make reservations??