Tuesday, November 8, 2011

About the Death Penalty...

In just a few days, November 18th, Paul Ezra Rhoades is scheduled to die out at the Idaho Penitentiary.  As his death watch has gotten closer, he has decided to challenge Idaho's method of death as "inhumane."


As I hear that, I can't help but think of the wonderful people in my life that I've watched die of cancer.  An old friend from Fish and Game who died from brain cancer.  It was a horrible death.  I had gone to see him once a week, every week when he was placed in a nursing home - something that was hard to see.  He was all man, a man's man.  A good Game Warden who loved his job.  I had seen him just the day before he died.  He had nothing left.  I'm sure if someone had offered him a lethal injection several months before he finally died, he would have gladly accepted it. 

The man Ival was named after.  He lived with us the last year of his life.  Thankfully, he didn't suffer like Don did, but I'm sure that he too, would have welcomed the opportunity to "just go to sleep" instead of the last few days he suffered.

And my old boss at Fish and Game.  She was so sick for so long. 

Paul Ezra Rhoades should be grateful he's getting a lethal injection instead of dying the way he killed the teacher in 1987 and the convenience store clerk in 1988.  Be grateful Mr. Rhoades, it could certainly be worse.


Dee said...

How dare he and all the other whiners who think the injection is "cruel and inhumane punishment" ! Someone needs to make them relive every moment during the murders they committed. Let's see, fella, which is the most cruel !!!!!! They beg for their ugly, useless lives but had no compassion for others throughout their lives.

Give me a soapbox and I'm on it !

H said...

A friend of mine just lost his mom to a really long and ugly battle with cancer and if I had a choice between the two, I'd definitely pick a nice little needle prick. Asshole.

Having said that, I don't think the death penalty is worth it mainly because of monetary reasons. With all the appeals they attempt and the time and money they waste trying to fight it (not to mention all the media hype, ahem), I really don't think it makes sense to keep the death penalty. Plus there are those really unfortunately few who are locked away and really are NOT guilty. =\ So...life without the possibility of parole? Where they can maybe experience their body's slowly eating away at themselves from inside? Sure. Go for it.

Dee said...

I agree Heather. I believe that life in prison, forever for that person, is more of a punishment----not having the freedom to walk anywhere, drive anywhere, talk to and be with friends and family ( even those people do have them)---than spending some time in prison, then being relieved of life.

and, there are some who are innocent and need to be released. Yes, do away with the death penalty. Make them KNOW they will spend every day forever in a cell.