Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free Flooring?????

My sister used to be married to Bob.  They lived in a cute little "shack" with no power or running water up past Reserve Park.  Bob reminds me of - me.  He loves anything old and is sure that he can find a use for just about anything and everything.

When Linda and Bob moved to Oregon, I went up and helped them move the contents of the shack and several wonderful outbuildings.  I'd love to have one of the outbuildings for a chicken coop.

I drooled the whole time.  Bob had some of the most awesome things stored away.  One thing I remember in particular, was tons of old flooring.  BEAUTIFUL old flooring.  So, when we were in Portland, Bob came to breakfast with us one morning.  I mentioned to him that if he ever decided he wanted to part with it, to let me know as we wanted to possibly buy it for our new barnhouse.

Evidently, Bob is ready to part with some things.  I know that I couldn't have pried it away from him 3 years ago.  But, he said if we would bring a truck over, he'd give it to us.  Oh my God!

Bob thinks the flooring came out of the old gym at the Caldwell High School.  I'm sure it would take some work, but how cool would that be to have that in our barnhouse?  I'm so excited to start this place I can hardly stand it. 

Our count so far:
20 ft. backbar out of the Dry Creek Mercantile - free
old farmhouse sink from the Dubys - free
3 old bar stools from the Homedale Merc - $100 (purchased at a yard sale about 5 years ago)
flooring from the Caldwell High School gym - free

I love that our new barnhouse will have a wonderful history as soon as it's built.  I know there won't be a day that goes by that I won't look at the floor and think about where it came from, or the backbar from the Merc, or the sink from the Dubys.

As soon as we sell our house, we're heading to Portland to pick up our floors...


Dee said...

I hope this all works out and ----now! or darned soon. I know the frustration is hard for both of you. SOMEDAY---SOON !

kate said...

I love that your new house will be full of old things, each with a story behind it. Way to build "green", sis!

Jodi said...

You have any good crap you want to give me?

kate said...

Hell no, I throw everything away!

Colleen Hapshatt said...

Hi Jodi,

Just found your blog - the new house sounds great and congratulations on scoring the new flooring.

After all, the only thing better than beautiful old hardwood flooring is free beautiful old hardwood flooring. Congratulations again - can't wait to see how it turns out.


Jodi said...

Colleen, free is always so much more fun than paying for something. Welcome!

jaci said...

That is so stinkin' darned exciting! You know I'm going to be looking for something to donate now.

Wonder if I could talk Don into giving you the wood stove... We have a Vermont Castings wood stove we can't use in Oregon. It's blue porcelain and weighs a ton. Just takes up space in my garage. We bought it and used it for five years but had to move & haven't used it for 20 years but we still move it from house to house to ...

kate said...

Jaci, I'm pretty sure Jodi just wet her pants.