Saturday, July 2, 2011

10 Things I Learned From Mom...

In honor of my mother's 80th birthday (in a few days), I wanted to re-post a "tribute" I did to her several years ago...

10 Things I Learned From Mom…

Use proper English

Never use the word “fart”

Mom will always eat the burned pancake

The person who makes the telephone call, should always be the one to end the call

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all

The words to “Mairzydoats and Dozydoats”

No matter how bad you feel, NEVER complain

That “You Are My Sunshine” is the best song to sing to your kids

No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to have fun

No matter what, mom will always love you

We love you mom!


Barbara said...

This is so great, Jodi! Your mom must feel so happy to have such wonderful daughters. Bless you all!

Dee said...

awww Jodi that is sweet. We have such good times. I am so very blessed to have the four "kids" that I have, who make my life so special. I feel lucky, grateful, happy, and downright ecstatic to know you you are my family.
I love you so much !!!!

Dee said...

you you understand ?

(silly me)

Anonymous said...

awesome post for an awesome lady!

Jodi said...

Thanks Barbara! She's a darn good mother.

Yes, she's an awesome lady, we're so lucky to have her as our matriarch.

Sheri said...

oops. anonymous was me!

kate said...

Brown-noser. You're already her favorite; is this really necessary? ;)

Tor Hershman said...

Don't use FART!
The Lion Farts Tonight
I'd hav-ta throw away half of me things.

HEY! Wait a sec, didn't use use 'fart' in your post?