Monday, July 18, 2011

Bucket List...

My friend, Mrs. Vox at If You Don't Like it, Get the Hell Off My Blog - or something similar, just posted about the things she wants to do with her daughter instead of buying her "stuff."  So, she asked about having a bucket list.

I made one several years ago, but it probably wasn't very realistic.  So, I'll try again, with things I think I can probably actually accomplish in my remaining years.

1.  Bike the Route of the Hiawatha
2.  Raise over $10,000 for a charity
3.  Build and live in our barnhouse
4.  Get a wildlife rehab permit
5.  Go on another cruise (or 3 or 4!)
6.  See Belize
7.  Own horses and miniature donkeys
8.  Visit Vermont
9.  Take the kids and grandkids on a vacation
10. Drive across the United States (maybe on Route 66!)

Doesn't that all sound like fun?  I know that I could actually cross at least 3 of those off my bucket list by the end of next summer. 

What's on your bucket list?


Dee said...

I don't know of anything on my Bucket List, till after I do it. As: Going to Mt. St. Helens--again, staying at The Inn at Spanish Head, living to be 80. So I crossed those 3 off last week. yipppeee

kate said...

Those are totally do-able, Jod!

Me, I want to:
*Paraglide and/or skydive
*Live with David in Italy or Spain for a year
*Help Anna get to Africa
*Own a horse of my own
*Buy and remodel a vintage Airstream trailer
*Take Anna to the Museum of Natural History and/or the Smithsonian

I'm sure I'll think of dozens more!

Mrs. Vox said...

I'm a lot like Dee, in that I don't really know it is a bucket list item until I am either about to do it or have just finished doing it. That's why I'm trying to get better at identifying bucket list items. Two things I know of are to take a trip to Italy, and to spend a winter alone (with one dog) in a small cabin in the remote woods. The cabin must have wireless internet and hot/cold running water. I don't ask for much.

kate said...

Also, get your scrawny butt up here and let's do the Hiawatha together! That's an easy one to knock off the list.

And I want to get my wildlife rehab permit too. How do we do it??

Dee said...

Mrs. Vox, I agree re: the cabin----it should have all the necessities to make life very comfortable AND be in a glorious wooded area with birds singing, sunshine on the cabin ( not shaded by the trees), streams that add to the lovely sounds---. ohhh yesss.