Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boise Police Citizens Police Academy...

I had signed up in February to take the Citizens Police Academy through Boise Police.  It was a big commitment, every Wednesday night from 6:30 - 9:30 from March the end of May.  I missed several classes when my son shared his cold with me that lasted 4 weeks but enjoyed every class I made it to.

One thing was driven home to me over these 3 months - I am definitely socially retarded.  I didn't use to be that way, and I know why I am now, but I don't like it.  Not one little bit.  I'm jealous when I see people standing around visiting with total strangers - or even people they know.  It pains me to think that I probably come off as "unfriendly."  Maybe I should get a t-shirt to tell people I'm not unfriendly but rather socially retarded. 

Maybe not.

However, the class was really good.  It was fascinating to tour the jail and learn about crime scene investigation.  I had always wanted to fingerprint a crime scene!  I enjoyed every minute of it.  The instructors were awesome and the officer who taught the class is married to a former Game Warden, now Boise City Motorcycle Officer.  It was enlightening and enjoyable.

There was one class which I found disturbing/fascinating.  Boise City has two officers who spend every day working on Internet safety/child porn.  They spoke about several local cases, including one from almost 20 years ago.  She was a young girl at the time (7) who had pictures taken and was abused by her father.  They talked about how these pictures taken 20 years ago, have been found in the "collections" of almost every person they have arrested on Internet porn charges since.  This girl, now 27, will have this horror follow her for the rest of her life.  It was something I had never thought about.  Knowing that we have 2 officers who do this job every day was eye opening.  They are both fathers and husbands - neither man was a religious zealot, but both told us that the only way they get through every day doing this job is through "faith."  They were impressive and I admire them.

I enjoyed the ride-along, even though it was boring.  Boise, thankfully, doesn't have that much crime.  There was a "loud party" call that we went to and I swear that there must have been 9 cars that also responded - it was a quiet night in Boise.  The officer I rode with turned out to be the son-in-law of an old friend from Garden Valley.  It was fun to talk to him about his job and see how much he enjoys it.

I wish everyone could take this class.  I'll probably now volunteer to do some Greenbelt patrol work.  I think I'd like that.  And I'll join the CPA Alumni Association which raises money to help buy equipment for the officers that the city can't afford to buy for them.

Oh, and did I mention that I got a coffee mug and t-shirt!


Casey said...

Must have been Mrs. D Saindon, I presume? Who was the friend from GV? You know me--I gotta have the names.

Good job on going through the course! You need a Segway and you could get deputized to patrol Hidden Springs.

Dee said...

Patrolling Hidden Springs would REALLY be boring. and that's a good thing.

That had to be eye openers at every class, but good to be able to take the course. Atta girl !

Jodi said...

Actually it was Sgt Danielle Young. Her husband was an officer in Lewiston for a while then moved to Boise. Isn't Dave still with F&G?

The mother-in-law of the cop I rode with was Connie Gidley - their family had a cabin up at Terrace Lakes for years and I used to hang out with her sister Pilar.

Oh my, me on a Segway - scary! Actually, when we first moved to Hidden Springs we used to joke about Ival becoming Mayor and I'd be the Sheriff.

kate said...

You socially retarded?? I can't imagine it. I know I am; the thought of walking into a party or a class or anything like that where I don't know people paralizes me. That's why I tend to drink (ahem) at social gatherings. Probably not a great solution when taking classes with cops though.

Anyway, good on ya for taking this class and learning about the job.

Dee said...

The secret to talking to people at a function where you know no one-----is---walk over to someone who appears to be as socially retarded as us and begin talking about anything that comes to your mind in order to put THEM at ease.
yeah, right. I've never mastered that either and at those functions everyone is visiting but me----I'm the only one left alone. Everyone else KNOWS everyone there and appears to be the star in the room. oh well, that's why I stay home and watch tv. sigh !

jaci said...

I am so proud of you for doing this Jodi. Just the fact you got out and went to classes with people you don't know impresses me. The older I get, the more socially retarded I get, too - and I hate going places by myself where I have to make small talk!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,

The things you find in a Google search on Terrace Lakes! I was there in 1969-70. My Dad bought a space there, and we had a Tiny Travel trailer we stayed in, but we moved before we could build.

Anyway, Connie and Pilar Gidley lived around the corner from me in Boise! I was friends with their little sister Shannon, and their Brother Randy. Looked to find them on Facebook, but didn't see them. I did find a page for Cole Elementry school, where I was in first grade. Sad they tore it down about 2 years ago.

Jack Spencer
Henry TN.

Jodi said...

Hey Jack! None of the Gidley's have Fb pages - I can't imagine! But I've run into Connie several times over the years and saw Randy in the grocery store a few years ago. They're all doing well as far as I know. Those were the good old days at Terrace Lakes! My daughter went to Cole as well, it was such a shame to see it torn down. Nice to talk to you.