Thursday, April 7, 2011

Warning, the Following Post May be Laced with Profanity...

I'm a proud American.  I don't think one word of the Star Spangled Banner or the Pledge of Allegiance should be changed to fit anyone who might be "offended."  I think people who move to the US should learn to speak English.  Not required to do so, but damn wouldn't it be a smart thing to do?  If I were moving to France or Peru, I would probably find it beneficial to learn the language.  It just seems the "right" thing to do.

I've always considered myself (until about the last 2 years) to be a good Democrat.  I believe in so much of what they find important when it comes to our environment and natural resources.  I don't think we should build dams that make it difficult for native fish to get to their spawning grounds in order to supply farmers with water.  Farmers did fine without dams until we found out how easy it makes it to have them - easy unless you're a fish.  I don't think we should rid our planet of our wonderful wildlife in order to make our lives easier.  To me, that's just wrong.

But what this rant is about is politics.  I'm sick to death of what's going on in our wonderful country.  We have always been a country that welcomed foreigners and people who were persecuted in their own countries.  Sure, we've had our share of problems with bigotry and equality, but we're coming around.  This doesn't however, mean we need to "accept" people coming into our country uninvited and unlawfully.  Come, we'll welcome you, but do it the right damn way as I would be expected to do in your country.

I suppose this all started with the threats of a government shutdown.  REALLY?  Oh, what the hell.  Shut it down.  Maybe it would be good for everyone.  But, don't mess with the paychecks of our military men and women who OUR GOVERNMENT has sent to some God forsaken places for reasons that most of us don't understand. 

I heard a Democrat on the radio a few minutes ago (I'm so damned sick of people like Shawn Hanity) say "they (meaning the Repubs) want to make sure that women can't get breast exams or that we can't be sure that the air we breathe is safe."  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME.  Does this Dem really think that the Repubs want to make sure that women can't get breast exams and that's why they want to shut down the government?  And the Repubs are no better.  "Well, if they can't fight fair then we'll just show them!"

It all reminds me of a bunch of damned second graders.  "He pulled my hair!"  "Yeah, but she hit me!"  "Well, if he hadn't called me a crybaby I wouldn't have hit him!"

So, much to my sister's horror, I am certainly going to be doing some investigating if Donald Trump decides to run for President.  To be real honest, I have no God Damned idea if he's a Democrat or a Republican.  But our country has been in the shit hole for so many years now that I'm thinking maybe a businessman might be a better President than a politician would make.  I'm hoping he won't even claim one of the two disgusting parties that we've been so blessed to have.  I hope he runs as a businessman and that's it.  Maybe he can pull us out of this hell hole that we're in right now and get our economy back in some kind of order.

I'm sick to death of the threats, the fighting, the name calling, the blame.  Something has got to change in order for our wonderful country to remain a wonderful country.  So far, neither Democrats nor Republicans have been able to see past their own noses to get us out of the mess we're in.

Now, if this doesn't get a blog posted on my sister Kate's blog, I have no clue what will.  She's been on "hiatus," but I have a feeling this will bring her back.


kate said...

Haha! Nope. Sorry. I just don't have it in me to even get worked up about politics at this point, to be honest with ya. This whole thing is a cluster f*ck (sorry mom) and I'm disgusted with it all.

I voted for Obama and I'll vote for him again in 2012. While I wish he'd grow some gonads (what IS it about politics that turn us all into ranting, potty-mouthed lunatics??) there are no other viable options, in my mind. I'll keep voting Democrat because they are the most likely to protect the environment, keep the important social services functioning (for the poor, for single parents, for children etc.)and most likely to legalize gay marriage. Dems are also most likely to (as much as possible) to spread the wealth rather than just making sure the top 3% of our wealthiest individuals stay that way. These issues are important to me and until a 3rd party comes along, like the Green Party, it still comes down to Democrats or Republicans.

I don't see how Donald Trump is even remotely qualified to run this country. I think he's a blow-hard loud mouthed narcissist. But that's just me. ;)

Dee said...

That was a good vent. I think most Americans are sick to death of the petty arguing in D. C. I hate listening to the news as that is the major topic. The list of those losing pay if and when the gov't shuts down includes ---our MILITARY!! The very short list of those who will be paid includes-----CONGRESS! There can't be any citizen who could think that makes sense.

Get some business people in DC and get this mess straightened out. If that means Trump is the only candidate who fills the bill, put him in there. I want this country to "be there" for my grand and great grand kids. !!!!!

Jessica said...

Here here!! I'm done with both parties. Both parties are so caught up in special interests and so manipulated by powers that be that they are basically rendered invalid. We keep going into other countries to protect people from their oppressive governments, it would be nice if we got to fight back against our own.

Jodi said...

Jessica, you're so right. The part that makes it the hardest for me is that as a citizen, there's not a damn thing I can do about any of it except to vote. And a lot of good that's done for me!

jaci said...

I haven't voted Republican or Democrat in several elections now and am thinking of changing my registration to Independent (I won't get to vote in Oregon primaries but who cares?) this year. I am that sick of it.
I listened to Bob Schieffer tonight on CBS and he summed it up: "I think if the government shut down goes into next week and affects people, they're going to be mad at both parties and they're going to seriously consider ousting them all from office. It's petty politics." Or something to that effect. I'm just sick and tired of it, too.