Thursday, April 7, 2011

Girls' Weekend!

With spring taking so long to arrive, I think everyone is feeling antsy.  UGH!  I want warmth - and a full day of sunshine!

In order to survive this long, cold spring, we've started planning a girls' weekend in July.  It's for mom's birthday - she turns 80 this year.  You would never know it.  She neither acts nor looks 80.  I think all of us girls are hoping that her beauty genes are passed down, it sure would make old age more bearable.  So, we're going to hit Portland for 4 days in July.  Mom wants to drive up to Mt. St. Helens and we'll kind of play the rest of the time by ear. 

It's just nice to spend time with the girls and giggle and laugh - you can't help but giggle and laugh when you have Kate around - she's "special." 

Is it July yet?


kate said...

Um....thank you?

I can't wait; we're going to have so much fun!! WHOOHOO!!!

Dee said...

I am so looking forward to our weekend. We haven't done this for awhile and we need this.
Besides, I need a Koby fix.

JACKI said...

soooo... I'm not sure I got an answer on this. Is this trip ONLY for 'big girls'?