Thursday, May 6, 2010

Second Annual Hillbilly Gatherin'...

I've been checking the weather - every day. Hoping for good weather for the big event. Last year was so beautiful! This year however, we just haven't had a spring! Cold and wind, snow off and on. WTH?

But, the 10-day forecast says it should be 69! I'm hoping as the time gets closer that the forecast will get even better. I have a friend from second grade coming that I haven't seen in 45 years, one of my good friends from high school is coming from Nashville and they're both bringing their spouses that I've never met. I probably won't know 90% of the people who attend but that's what made it so much fun last year, making new friends!

We have some fun "hillbilly" games planned with great prizes, some great music (thanks Dave!) and I've always wanted to see the Fire Kittens perform. Yesterday we ordered a 200 lb. pig and I'm finalizing the menu. Some very generous people have donated some great things for the auction, we're making up some really fun baskets to bid on and we have some great prizes to give out. Can you tell, I'm just really getting excited! Still a lot of work to do but come hell or high water, I'll be ready.

Don't forget this is all for a wonderful organization - Casting for Recovery. Elmer and I don't keep any of the money and none of it goes to paid employees. Every dime we make will be spent on sending these wonderful Idaho women on this 3-day retreat in June. We'll be set up to take cash, checks, and credit cards!

Most of all though, we want you to come and have fun and honor the women in YOUR life who are living life with, or after, breast cancer. Don't forget to bring your own drinks and lawnchairs. See you all there!


Linda said...

Yipppeeee! I can't wait!

Dee said...

ME TOO ! AS lot of work has gone into this Gatherin' an I ain't gunna miss it , by cracky !

kate said...


Thanks for all you've done to make this happen, sister. Next year, Linda will help.


Kristin said...

So disappointed I'm going to miss it again this year!! You ROCK for doing this. Such a great cause! Good luck.