Friday, May 7, 2010

Arizona's Immigration Law...

I've been thinking a lot about Arizona's new immigration law and the ramifications on it's citizens. Now, I must tell you I love Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I know some people across our wonderful nation think he's too hard and his methods are inappropriate - but it's jail, not the Hilton!

I'm definitely not racist. No way, no how. I believe every LEGAL person in this country should have the same opportunities, the same pay (if they're equally qualified), and the same treatment regardless of the color of their skin, their sex, their religious beliefs or lack thereof, or their gender.

However, I've been hearing a lot on talk radio, on Facebook, the news, etc. about the Arizona Immigration law. My thoughts? Well, it's easy to be against it living in Idaho, or Oregon, or Pennsylvania. But if I think about living in Arizona where this is actually happening, I'd be SO for this law. How can we, living in Idaho where we don't have these horrible things happening directly to us, judge the citizens of Arizona who happen to have a city named "America's kidnap capital", and some of the most dangerous cities in the US? How can the police officers and Immigration officers in Arizona feel like they can ever be safe if the state doesn't start doing something drastic? Maybe it's not fair to the legal population of Hispanics in Arizona, but what are their choices?

Maybe they could just start popping anyone who steps foot over the border, but we're America and we're civilized. So, what are the options? I know this will be uncomfortable and inconvenient for those in Arizona who ARE legal, but this imposition on them will be well worth the inconvenience if they can slow the illegals into our country.

I was sad and disgusted to hear about the Sheriff's Deputy who was shot a week ago by illegals bringing marijuana into the state. Do we really want to expect these officers to stand by and do nothing more than they've been allowed to do (and which obviously isn't working) any longer? They HAVE to do something. If stopping and deporting every single illegal alien will help even some, then I'm for it. Maybe if they realize that they aren't going to be protected by laws that make it hard to find them, then maybe they'll stop coming. I personally don't really even think this law is enough, I'm not sure it going to make much of a difference. But the people of Arizona are sick and tired of being afraid and I, for one, certainly understand that.

We could stop some of this illegal immigration by not buying their drugs - but we know that's not going to happen. I'll bet you that 90% of the old hippies who are smoking those drugs are thinking this is a bad law. Well dumb ass, if you've got to smoke it, start growing your own so you're not supporting the people who are bringing it in illegally.

I know my opinion on this will horrify most of my family. But, you go Arizona. Do what you have to do. I have no right to judge you - I live in Idaho, known for it's potatoes not the kidnap capital of the nation, and don't have your problems...


caseyoconnell said...

I can't claim to fully understand this law, but I do think it is a violation of civil liberties. We agree that 9/11 was a horrible thing and we'd have done damn near anything we could have to have stopped it, but would that include authorizing shake-downs of every single person who looked Muslim? We got pretty close to that afterwards, and the country was terrified of what other liberties could be taken away due to the fear-mongering.

Like I said, I don't know much about the law. But I think there are an AWFUL lot of good Mexican folks coming here illegally. How about an IQ and ethics test to qualify for citizenship? How about a "what can you provide America" program to demonstrate worth? Open up immigration a little more to the good folks, send back every last one to get convicted of a crime.

Ultimately you know what I think would make the most difference? If we legalized marijuana in the US. It would stop a big part of the drug trade (though not the meth), it would stop the illegal grows on US public lands, and the tax revenue alone would pull the country into the black, at least well enough to fully fund a quality immigration program.

Linguist Jake said...

Here is the crux: The law is unconstitutional. It may be "the only option" but it is unconstitutional.

It is too vague. Way too vague. Probable cause rulings of the last century cover a specific endstate of things that must be met to create probable cause. "Looking like a potential illegal immigrant" does not meet the requirements. "Holding a bent coat hanger next to a car that has been broken into" does because a police officer can easily recognize that one and one are two. "Holding a gun at a murder scene" also works. "Looking like you are potentially an illegal immigrant" does not.

A portion of the Arizona populace now has to potentially prove their legitimacy at any given time based upon nothing but their skin color. Try to imagine what that must feel like for a moment. Try to imagine having to worry before you leave the house for any reason about having something, anything, everything that will prove you are a legal resident. What happens to you if you forget one day? What will everyone think if they see an officer asking you for validation? What happens if your kids get asked on their way to school?

The Republicans had six years of being in control to fix anything about immigration reform. They did nothing. So now, as they find themselves out of power, they do something racist. This isn't the only option. This isn't a good option. There are lots of other options, options that they did nothing about when they had the chance.

This is racism and tyranny of the majority, nothing more. There is no good defense for state-sponsored racism. None. It is a slippery slope that leads to worse things in a hurry.

kate said...

Well you just solidified your position as mom's favorite! *snort!*

I think Casey nailed it on the head: we need to legalize pot. For all the reasons she explained. Talk about boosting the economy!

And aother thing: we have troops in several other countries to overturn corrupt governments; WHY are we not helping our next-door neighbors with THEIR corrupt government?? If we could help Mexico have a viable economy (don't ask me how, that's why I'm not a politician), they wouldn't be forced to leave their loved ones behind to come to America to mow our lawns and clean our toilets. We have to fix this problem at its source.

I agree completelyl that the crime in Arizona and Texas is appalling. But we can't throw the same net over all Mexicans. That IS racism, plain and simple.

Bonnie said...

Well said Jodi. We can only hope the Feds take this problem seriously. That was a brave thing you did, but that is why this country is so great.

tallulah said...

Although I am not family....yes Jodi, I am horrified that you take this viewpoint.

Jodi said...

Good thoughts from all of you. All I did was try to put myself in the shoes of the people on the Arizona/Mexico border. We don't live there and can't imagine what it's like. I would do whatever it takes to protect my family. How about this, everyone in Arizona should have to carry proof of residency. Stop the whites, the blacks, the Hispanics, and the Asians. I don't care who you stop, just stop the illegals coming over and killing and kidnapping the citizens of OUR country who deserve to live safely. I'd feel the same way if it was problems with Canadians doing this to us.

Is stopping people to ask for their citizenship papers worse than putting the entire National Guard, arm-in-arm across the Arizona/Texas/Mexico border and stopping the mass exodus out of Mexico? I'm sorry, but if that Sheriff's Deputy who just shot was a member of my family, I would do whatever it took to stop this.

Dee said...

Right on Jodi ! I fully agree with you , and I'm proud of you for stating your belief.
You're right----if it were Canadians who were acting and reacting is this manner, who were terrorizing US citizens and were illegal, I'd say, stop them, check credentials and oust them if they weren't here legally. Why do some people think color of skin has anything to do with it? It doesn't !
Being politically correct has gotten this country into some serious problems regarding terrorism.

Kristin said...

I'm also a bit horrified, but mostly I'm just waiting for France to ask for their statue back.

Jessica said...

The law they're enforcing is to ask people caught committing crimes to prove their citizenship. They're not going to randomly pick people off the street and demand it. This is enforcement of an already in place federal law, rather than the politically correct flim-flam that is jeopardizing all of us.

I have Hispanic friends in Arizona and Texas that also want this sort of enforcement so their families are safe. We should support Arizona needing to protect United States citizens and welcome those who wish to become so legally with open arms, of course, but freedom comes at a cost. Considering what our men and women in uniform do to preserve our country's rights, flashing your driver's license shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Also, please go to Central America or Europe or anywhere else basically and see how often you're required to carry and show proof of ID. This asking for citizenship papers is only novel in the US.

mom2six said...

AWESOME read! I totally enjoyed the "both sides" part of it the best! Ultimately, BRAVO JODI ! Each comment following exemplified both sides perfectly. I have to say, "well said Jessica"! Jodi, I came over to your page to read about this because I get so tired of the "extreme", overeactive opinions that people post on FB about politic's now a day's.Most of the time it's people who seem to want to just point the finger and place blame for a financual set back (most of time) & something they are experiencing because of the economy. EXP: I actually had this usually very wealthy, thought they did everything right, lady chat w/ me one day. She began talking about how she had never been this poor in her life. That she would get rid of her fancy cars and some of several aquired properties if she could but that everything they owned was on credit, that they couldn't get rid of their expensive cars because of being so upside down on them. "Robbing Peter to pay Paul came up"! Then the statement, "that whole wall street thing just killed us, idiots, they ruined everything"! Huh, I thought, I walked away w/ the "I've never been so poor in my life" comment playing in my head. I thought "WOW", that's what some people base rich or poor on..Unbelieveable! Pointing the finger has got to be such a "Go To" way to make some feel better I guess. I say: Just shut up and fix the problem! The long of this is, "that" made me realize that most are still in their OWN bubble, ranting and raving, bitching and complaining, pointing the finger, "it's your fault, 'no it's yours"! And to that I say "Oh give it a rest & accept responsibility for the decisions you've made for yourself", "vote" and if you feel that passionate about something grab a picket sign, let me see you on the 6:00 news, stop sitting on your ass bitching! Quit thinking that white knuckling the God almighty dollar is what's the most important thing. Who ever told you the stock market was a for sure thing? Nothing is for certain right? Sheesh , totally off track now, LOL! Anyway, thus the reason I don't usually engage about political views. I knew I could come to your page & you'd just put it out there, plain and simple and logic based and as "your opinion" not in this self rightous, all knowing, competing w/ God kind of way. My fav = the protective mom of her family aspect of it! I have STRONG opinions about alot of all of this, but it just comes from my heart, not a for the need to label myself to other's! Thanks for sharing!