Friday, April 18, 2014

Traveling to Spokane...

Mom and I took a trip to Spokane to see her brother who she hasn't seen in over 10 years.  It was a rather sad situation that brought her to be able to see him again.  He started getting dementia a long time ago and became paranoid.  To make a long story short, mom became the enemy, through no fault of her own and it was really hard on her to love her brother, but not be a part of his life.

As it turned out, the dementia tore them apart, but then brought them back together as he didn't remember being mad at her for all those years.  So, we made a trip to see him and it was so incredibly worth it.


It was wonderful to see him as the sweet, wonderful brother she loved so much.  He wasn't really able to carry on a conversation, but he knew we were there and hated to see us go when it was time to leave.  I'll be taking her back this summer.  I want to make sure she gets to see him as often as she wants to.

I had hoped to take lots of pictures of the beautiful green fields of the Palouse but they weren't green yet.  So here's a few pictures I took near my brother's house when we stopped to see him in Genessee...

There are miles and miles of these beautiful green fields.  They grow lots of garbanzo beans, lentils, and wheat here.  These pictures are the view from his house!

Then he took us to see a place where they've built a fence out of just about anything round and rusty.  I want one of these!

And, I couldn't finish this post about our trip without showing you a picture of Steve's truck.  Gotta love him!

and in the back window it says "Peace through superior fire power."  God I love him and the fact that he doesn't give a rat's behind what anyone else thinks.
Thanks mom, for letting me go along...


Sheri said...

I'm so glad they got to reconnect! That must have been hard on your Mom all those years. Your brother cracks me up!!

Dee said...

Jodi this is so sweet, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of Rich and I, together at last. And the rest of the pix are great.

THANK YOU for taking me, I could NEVER have gone by myself, you made it possible and fun. I truly enjoyed our entire trip.